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Anyone used Direct2Drive?

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Rayzer, 24 Mar 2006.

  1. http://www.direct2drive.com/

    I may be a newb, but I just ran across that site. Looks pretty sweet and really convenient for some stuff.

    Anyone used it? What are their DL speeds like? If I'm going to DL 4GBs worth, that better becoming down at 600kb/s+
  2. I know people who have downloaded from them and not had a problem, i get invites to download stuff all the time but havent used them yet.
  3. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I have never used them however I think their downloads come via FilePlanet - their download rates are usually around 700k for me.
  4. For small stuff I just send the file to my gmail address and grab it later.
  5. Tbeast

    Tbeast Recruitment Officer Officer Elder

    When i couldn't find Swat 4 in the stores...i D/l it from them and it was pretty fast...prob around 30 mins
  6. I have a few games on my account from them. Yes, it does use FilePlanet, and it is pretty speedy for me at 256k Cable. I got these 3 games from D2D them when they were released in stores, considering i live in a moderatly small town of 15,000 people, they sold out quickly to whoever bought them. Also, This is where i got Planetside after I sold my initial disks to a friend a long time ago.

    1. Evil Genius
    2. Empire Earth II
    3. Leisure Suit Larry: MCL

    Like i said, they downloaded pretty fast, it also depends on the time of day you like to d/l stuff, unless you're a subscriber, you can expect a long wait in line most times during the day.
  7. Great Dane


    They are a service from Fileplanet.

    I got some "Hit Points" that I can trade for free games when I signed up for file planet, and used them to down load Civ III, it was fast and convinent, and I have no complaints. I have been thinking about getting Sid Miers 'Pirates' from them too, but haven't done it yet.

    The only thing that concerns me is you can't just reinstall the game if you get a new comp or, have a hard drive crash. Civ III did some weird authenticating on line to get the CD Key when I first installed it. I don't know if I would be able to install it agin on another system because of this. Thats proably the only thing that has kept me from buying a game from Direct2Drive.

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