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ARMA III Breaking Point

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Shewolf, 3 Apr 2014.

  1. I'll check it out
  2. Zib


    I am downloading it now, I will play.
  3. Zib


    I am really liking this game, everyone should get it and play with me.
  4. No, everyone should not play with zib and instead play with me -.-

    Srsly though,

    Had a crazy night last night with it, was stalking through the woods, thought I saw a bandit infront of me...so I came up behind him real slow like with my ensfield trained on his head, then he turns around and I freaked out, starting firing and ducking for cover as we exchanged fire for a good minute. Then he screams out in a russian accent "IM A NOMAD! DON'T SHOOT RANGER!" so then I feel like a bitch..and I gave him some food and ammo and aplogised -.-

    Walking down the road, I decided to make a campfire and boil some water before heading into a village..so im sitting there, humming a song..doing shewolf things...and then some fucker comes up behind me with an axe and hits me twice before I was up and turning around...and I see a guy with a turban on still swinging at me...

    So I fired off two shots that I had in my 9mm because I forgot to reload, and the guy backs up, and in a young british accent is like "Oh friendly friendly! Sorry!" but by that time I had put another clip into my 9mm -.- I was not friendly.

    Anywho, this game is pretty crazy :eek: so, need more rangers..
  5. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    Lol! Look at that Shewolf still had a soft spot for the Russian and then went on to plug the random guy! ;)
  6. Zib


  7. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    LOL. Ya, guess that was a bad word choice. Plug as in shoot... ;)
  8. Zib


    Ah. you gotta be careful with verbs and shewolf, shes a tricksie one o_O
  9. Zib


  10. Zib


    Openings for parachute rigger! We had some one fall out of a helo without one, no names their faith, oops.

    We also have an opening for a Helo ground crew, we don't want to land another helo on delierious.

    And since shewolf keeps getting shot in the face we need a bodygaurd to protect her from the Zombie apocolypse, however you spell it.
  11. Whoa whoa...shot in the face? That is slander good sir...I'm the one that gets shot inside helis and bled out trying to land it -.- get your shit right
  12. Zib


    That is true you do blow helos up, I guess next time I should spend more time getting my facts correct.

    Side note, do we still have our technical?
  13. Speaking of blowing, heard you had some issues with a pole and a car last night...>.>
  14. Zib


    Well I got banned from breaking point last night while driving around with damp and nacht. No clue why but I have been IP banned, the ticket to clear it will take at least 24 hours. fucking bs.
  15. It probably wouldn't hurt to run some kind of virus scan. It kicked you with a script error, so it was probably reading something in the background.
  16. It may just be down right now. The forums are telling me I'm banned and won't let me sign out, and the launcher is not logging in either.
  17. Zib


    It was a data base glitch, I am unbanned now so is damp. False alarm
  18. Well I may be screwed:

  19. So this:

    Then later this:

    Consider me livid.

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