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Battleship North Carolina

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Om, 28 Aug 2006.

  1. Om

    Om DragonWolf

    When the kids and I went to the beach, one of the things we did was tour this battleship which I love. I enjoy reading the memories the men who served on this ship wrote.

    They didn't have room on deck for a plane to take off, so they used to catapult planes into the air and the planes would land in the water on pontoons and a crane would pick the plane out of the sea and put it back on deck.

    We got to climb into the big guns and look through the scope and see the engine room...I can't believe someone designed all those pipes and valves and switches and that people knew how to operate this thing.

    It is rumored that if you didn't pay the barber a few dollars for your "free" haircut, you got a bad haircut.

    I never realized a flag ship is simply a ship carrying an admiral (who is able to fly his own flag on any ship he boards).

    We were able to check out all the living quarters...it's amazing how the quality of life improves as you go up in rank. The lower ranks slept like sardines in a small can. I can't believe how they were stacked in there. They had no airconditioning and not even enough room to sit up in their bed. These guys were innovative and what they lacked in privacy they made up for in character.

    One of the things the sailors used to do to get a few days off from their duties and sleep in an air conditioned room on a fluffy bunk with all the food they could want -they would have elective surgury.

    Their favorite elective surgury was circumcision but the military soon put a stop to that. They decided the tissue that was removed during circumcision was perfect for making new eyelids in the event a sailors eyelids were burned off in an explosion and would no longer allow circumcision on board.

    ...anyway, that was a lot of fun. Go see this battleship if you're ever nearby.
  2. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Ahhh, life in the Navy. I remember fondly those days of hotracking. The warmth, the comaraderie, the....wait, I was a brownshoe with VP-93 (The Executioners). The only ships I saw were the ones that were sailing below me. Ahhh, the life.
  3. Om

    Om DragonWolf

    Did you have the elective surgery? :p~
  4. Makes me glad i was not in the navy when i served lol
  5. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    The only "elective" surgery I got while in the Navy was getting my wisdom teeth pulled. And that was only "elective" because the same place I went to boot came (San Diego) was where the Navy had their Dental Corps school. All the Dental Techs went there to learn, and I was chosen to be the schools guinea pig.
  6. I am getting ready to retire from the Navy after 21 years of service. I have had the privilege of serving on 4 different Nuclear Submarines. You think the crews on the surface ships (targets) have it, take tour of one of our submarines. I know that the Smithsonian Cold War Submarine Exhibit has parts of my first submarine the USS Trepang. One of the racks (beds) that I slept in is part of this exhibit, it was very memorable to see it last time I was there.
  7. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    A bubblehead! Awesome and congrats on your service in the worlds finest Navy.
  8. Yup that is what I am called, but think about it there are more airplanes in the ocean then there are submarines in the sky. So tell me who is smarter?
  9. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Those that came before me couldn't fly very well.
  10. I went on the USS Missouri when I lived in Hawaii.
    That's big ship.

    Then I saw it again - only this time next to an Aircraft Carrier (Yes, I think it was the Enterprise).
    That's a bigger ship.

    Then one day out in the Pacific, I could see one of those Super-Tankers form five (5) miles out.

    Five miles and you could see it. breathless= "Oh my gosh"


    PS - Of course, we all know that the tanker doesn't have the fire-power, but...golly. Seeing that and being on the docks when they unload those huge containers... when you are there you can really feel their presence.

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