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Dragonwolves Resume Operations with Star Wars: The Old Republic

Discussion in 'DragonWolves Newswire' started by Sentrosi, 8 Dec 2016.

By Sentrosi on 8 Dec 2016 at 11:24
  1. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Lead by Lunar and myself, the Dragonwolves are once again wetting our sabers and prepping our blasters for another exciting foray into Star Wars: The Old Republic. As with the old guild, we look for clear, measurable and obtainable goals with everyone in this division.

    Our overarching goal has been, and always will be, that the people within the guild have fun. If you are not having fun, contact either Lunar or myself either in game or outside of it and discuss your issues with them. We are here to help in whatever way we can.

    Our long-term goal will be to raid all end-game content in both Story Mode and Hard Mode.
    Ideally we would like to field about 20 or so raiders. The reason being is that we would like to have some coverage when certain classes cannot make it as well as make two 8-person raid teams that can combine for 16-person raiding when ready (After clearing out Temple of Sacrifice Hard Mode). Here is how the teams currently stand:

    Team 1:

    • Tanks
      • Main Tank: Lunar
      • Off-Tank: Damonke (added 12/12/16)
    • Healing
      • Main Healer: Black
      • Off-Healer:
    • DPS
      • Ranged DPS: Sentrosi
      • Ranged DPS: Beachman
      • Melee/Ranged DPS:
      • Melee/Ranged DPS:
    • Bench
    I would prefer hybrid classes on the bench to maximize efficiency. So that means playing classes that may have a heal spec as well as a tank or DPS spec. If there is a need for it, the secondary team will have the same type of slots within it.

    We are looking at beginning to raid Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace by the end of December. Here is a list of the operations are now in Star Wars: The Old Republic

    • Eternity Vault (5 bosses)
    • Karagga’s Palace (5 bosses)
    • Explosive Conflict (4 bosses)
    • Terror From Beyond (5 bosses)
    • Scum and Villainy (7 bosses)
    • Golden Fury (1 boss)
    • Dread Fortress (5 bosses)
    • Dread Palace (5 bosses)
    • Ravagers (5 bosses)
    • Temple of Sacrifice (5 bosses)
    From when we first played SWTOR, you can see that it has expanded just a bit. When we left we had started to work our way through Explosive Conflict and had released Terror from Beyond. We had both Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace on farm mode, in both Story and Hard modes. Not a bad accomplishment for a great team of raiders. Both Lunar and myself are looking for those same accomplishments within this game again. We are very excited to play SWTOR again and look forward to making great memories with you here.

    Edit 12/12/16: Placed Damonke as our off-tank within the 8 man raid group.
    Last edited: 12 Dec 2016


Discussion in 'DragonWolves Newswire' started by Sentrosi, 8 Dec 2016.

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