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Initial impressions?

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Asp, 5 Jun 2014.

  1. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    So far it's pretty slick for a pre-alpha.. Had a few hard crashes, but overall it was pretty stable..

    Not fond of the yaw/roll setup on the X52 controls, but maybe that's how it should be and I fly wonky (admittedly I haven't played many flight sims over the years), I always tend to bind the roll to the twist of the flight stick..

    Flying is decent for me, feels slow, but that's just perspective.. Have some trouble maneuvering to keep the target in my crosshairs. Need practice, but I was also flying in training wheels mode.. What modes can you shut off when flying again? G-Force limiter is one, I only found two, and the other one (when I shut it off) prevented me from rolling with the joystick (I'm guessing I've got to manually control maneuvering thrusters at that point), so is there any point in turning that off with a HOTAS?

    I've got a gamepad in my drawer too, and I'm secretly terrified to hook it up in case I'm a better pilot with that than the expensive Saitek setup I bought long ago and have never played a game that utilizes it properly until now.

    It'll be nice when we can bind/change controls easily in a later build.

    Anyone else have any impressions? tips/tricks?
  2. Well I primary use K/M setup and fly with both safeties off, you can check my twitch highlight feed to see me flying with them off. I also often turn my coupling off (allows you to spin in place) to rapidly turn versus the standard turn. Goes something like I am coming up on an Asteroid, I hit caps to decouple, spacebar brake, flip 180, reengage couple, and thrust (AB) off. I do the same thing to get guys off my tail. Also if your blacking out from the Gs I find decoupling to spin in place tends to not black you out as much and is an effective way to turn in a tight spot.

    As for my impressions, I am very happy with it. Runs smooth on my Older 660 GTX and could count the crashes I suffered on one hand.
  3. Hit Ctl+CapsLock 3 times to turn off the other safeties (cycles them until they are both off). This game is amazing so far. It seems to be all about throttle management and positioning. It only feels slow until you face plant sideways into an asteroid.
  4. Zib


    I think I will take some time to get the flying down, I just really want to remap the keys.
  5. Also, the 300i is great if you want to completely black out for a few seconds while plunging face first into a swarm of Vanduul near the broken asteroids....
  6. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Can I fly with my mouse?
  7. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Ya, but with a hotas setup, there's one if I turn it off I lose the ability to roll, which I'm assuming is the whole newtonian physics free for all kicking in; but there's no binding on the hotas to maneuver, and it looks like you have to switch to a keyboard to control it. So I'm guessing that's not worth switching off atm if you rely primarily on a joystick setup.

  8. Yes I do and it is great :)
  9. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Yes you can :)

  10. I also learned that for M/K flying ctrl-f changes how the chip responds to following your mouse. Going to have to play with it.
  11. I had same impressions with X52 Asp. Hoping rudders will give the roll control I want. Need some more time playing with both to really figure out which I prefer but leaning towards joystick. I am finding the there are just to many buttons everywhere on the X52 that get in the way especially the change view at the bottom of the handle. Trying to do axis turns and fire my hand moves down towards it sometimes. Also the fire controls for some weapons are in harder to reach spots than I prefer for something I am going to use all the time so re-mapping very needed.
  12. Remapping the keys is possible.

    Manual Key/Button/Axis rebind is possible!

    I keep it simple for now (haven't figured out everything):

    You can find the default mapping in: \StarCitizen\CitizenClient\Data\GameData.pak\Libs\Config\defaultProfile.xml

    Create a new XML file (example name 'BoMbY.xml') in folder: \StarCitizen\CitizenClient\Data\Libs\Config

    example content (bind weapons group 2 to X52 Trigger 2):

    <ActionMaps ignoreVersion="1" >
    <actionmap name="spaceship_weapons">
    <action name="v_attack1_group2">
    <rebind device="joystick" input="js1_button15" />

    After loading the game open the console and type in (replace BoMbY.xml with your filename):

    pp_rebindKeys BoMbY.xml
    And that's it. But be careful, it almost looks like the changed settings will be stored permanently somewhere.

    Unfortunately it seems not to be possible to bind everything to joystick buttons. For example the action "v_ifcs_toggle_vector_decoupling" is not working, but you can change the keyboard key.

    Edit: Okay, looks like I'm not the only/first one who put it together: https://forums.robertsspaceindustri...master-warthog-and-saitex-x55-fixed/p1#Item_0

    Seems like you could also put the XML file anywhere on your PC, and specify a full path in the console ...

    Edit2: You may also want to take a look at (for more info): https://forums.robertsspaceindustri...54/actionmap-and-controller-mapping/p1#Item_0
  13. The safeties switch for actions is "v_ifcs_toggle_safety", so you need to bind a joystick button to that action to turn off G-SAFE/COMSTAB modes.

    <ActionMaps ignoreVersion="1" >
            <actionmap name="spaceship_movement">
                    <!-- Toggles G-SAFE/COMSTAB modes. -->
                    <action name="v_ifcs_toggle_safety">
                            <rebind device="joystick" input="js2_button10" />
    Last edited: 5 Jun 2014
  14. Also, found some Thrustmaster HOTAS X setup xml files on Reddit:


    Here, if you want to put it in the main post:

    Twist Roll: http://pastebin.com/7znjpr8L
    Twist Yaw: http://pastebin.com/XBVQ021T

    Save the file wherever you want (C:/Games/joystick.xml)
    then open the console (`) in game and enter pp_rebindkeys c:/Games/joystick

    This is my first pass at binding buttons. I tried to keep targeting/flying buttons on the throttle and the attack buttons on the stick. Feel free to recommend different bindings, I don't really understand the game enough yet to have an optimal solution.

      • Button 1: Attack Group 1
      • Button 2: Lock Missile
      • Button 3: Target nearest enemy
      • Button 4: Fire Missile (Couldn't get lock and fire be the same button)
      • Button 5: Afterburner
      • Button 6: Match Target Velocity
      • Button 7: Zoom
      • Button 8: Fire group 2 (maybe should be switch with Target nearest enemy?)
      • Button 9: Toggle decouple
      • Button 10: Toggle comstab/g-safe
      • Start: Change View
      • Select: Wanted this to be relative mode toggle but couldn't find it
    Edit: Forgot to mention.
    I put the view on the hat switch, but there's no way to reset to the middle except wait or move atm, so it's kind of weird. It also acts as an analog action, which is weird to me because it's really fast.

    ALSO another thing: If nothing happens for you ti might be because your joystick is js1 and not js2 (My orbweaver seems to register as js1), so replace all instances of 'js2' for 'js1'​
  15. Also, the PBR Avenger is in the hangar and it looks AMAZING. I was staring at the fluorescent lights just thinking how crazy it was.
  16. you have been a busy man today nacht
  17. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

  18. I've mostly been playing with my Xbox 360 controller - it seems like a decent fit, and the controls are relatively intuitive. I'm pretty glad I didn't spend even more money on a HOTAS setup, when it looks like a controller will do the job for me.
  19. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    From TS Nacht/Sent




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