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League of Legends

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Sakito, 5 Jun 2013.

  1. For those that don't know. Im a big LoL fan! I love the game but i need moar friends to play with. It has Co-op VS AI, and other PVP like maps to play as well as a Ranked System for those wanting to get into competitive play.

    League of Legends is a Real Time Strategy game (I guess similar to Dota 2) where you pick before each match a champion to be the summoner of. Goal of the game is to knock down enemy turrets and make your way to their Nexus to destroy it while defending your own from the enemy trying to do the same thing. Since its release there have been tons of champions to pick from and to choose your style of play. From tanky bruisers to the squishy supports and even glass canons.

    I will admit its abit of a learning curve at first but once ya get the hang of its, its tons of fun. And I'm always willing to help others :D

    LoL Name: NightmareSakito

    Link to game --> http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4ef93af905ebf068764411

    ^^ Use the link above to sign up for an account (THE GAME IS FREE BTW!) only thing you pay for is shiney skins.

    Look forward to hearin' from ya'll. TEEHEE!
  2. WarWolf

    WarWolf DragonWolf DragonWolf

    I used to play all the time but haven't since the overhaul with the new season.
  3. Dido
  4. LoL is one of those games that makes me feel like a fail as a gamer. It's so popular yet I've never played a moment of it; nor even watched a moment of it played.

    I think the reason I've never been interested in it is that It reminds me too much of an RTS, which for the most part I despise.
  5. I dont mind the changes to Season 3. I dont understand the Ranked stuff (I barely understood ELO as it was!) But im enjoying the new game modes and how some of the champs have been revised.
  6. WarWolf

    WarWolf DragonWolf DragonWolf

    I just am lost as to the new items and how the jungle works now. Just need to brush up I suppose. Was getting pretty good with a few toons, especially Amu as a junggler.
  7. Has anyone Tried DoTA 2? I was given a copy of it and was thinking to trying it out.
  8. I disliked Dota 2 very much. I hated it >.< Some people like it.. i for one. did not like it at alllll. And Kornholio. hehe it is an RTS ^^ so probably not for you.. Dota 2 is an RTS as well.

    The new items are pretty easy to learn and i hadnt played in awhile amazingly enough! but alot of new toons are able and really good junglers. I've started to jungle a champ named Sejuani.. and i love it. Amumu makes me angry in games when im against him though... his Ulti CD is ridiculously short xD
  9. Yeah, I knew it was Technically an RTS... It seems more like Single player Dawn of War or Warcraft III though; not as much like command and conquer or starcraft. I don't mind RTS so much when I have less than a dozen units in total.
  10. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    I am interested in this. See everyone talking about.

    I played DOTA years ago, havent played this.

    Anyone tips or help for someone starting out?

    In DOTA I could join and being a newbie, everyone would yell at me. Are there entry level, or beginner servers to join on?

    **Ninja Edit*** Sakito I entered your name as the referral BTW. Hope you got credit.
    Last edited: 9 Jun 2013
  11. Thank you Oakfist! and best way to start out is do the tutorial to get hte basics. once you under stand that when you go to play games you normally can practice using a champ with Co-op vs Ai to really understand how alot of the game play is or go in with normal matches. They only matchya up with people of your relative skill level. So you wont be on a team with someone who has played 700 matches and stuff ^^. If you need any help or want a friend to game with! add me sugar!

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