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Live Event Information! (For those too impatient to watch an hour and a half of video

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Shewolf, 11 Oct 2013.

  1. After google decided to cut their feed because they sung happy birthday on it (Google is apparently a bastard child of EA and Disney), I waited up till the early mornings till they posted the full video, cause I have no life beyond the stars >.>

    Here is a dossier on all the new information they put out for the event.

    1. Sales

    The Retaliator and the Gladiator are on sale, $250.00 and $150.00 respectively, and both with Lifetime Insurance.

    This will be running until Monday, October 14th, so if your thinking about it, $(#%ing hurry up!

    The Gladiator is a two seater bomber, that is shaping up to be the Rebel Airspeeder of Star Citizen, and can also be outfitted beyond it’s bomber role to do light salvaging and cargo work.

    The Retaliator is a six person jump capable bomber that with have multiple turret outloads and lots of..bombs. It too can be outfitted for salvaging and cargo work, bearing cargo capacity in relation to the caterpillar, and is also sexy.

    Also the Avenger is now a pledge package instead of just a ship. Not sure if it is just for the weekend or not, but for now it is $75.00.

    Will get pictures up as soon as I can find them, but on the video, they look sexa >.>

    2. Organisation

    They unveiled their plans for the organisation tools and approach for the very near future.

    Basically it boils down to this, Create - Manage - Communicate.


    Organisation Name - Your organisation name, which is not unique.

    Organisation Number - Your unique identifying number, sort of like your business licenses.

    After you get these two down, you pick your organisation “Archtype”

    Corporation - Mercantile inclined outfits.

    PMC - Militarized inclined outfits.

    Faith - Space Jesus and Cult inclined outfits.

    Syndicates - Captain Hook inclined outfits.

    From there, you can…


    You can set Roles for people, IE recruiter, leader, bomber, fighter pilots ect.

    You can set Ranks.

    You can set Jobs, IE your a bomber, your a miner, your a little bitch, basically showing who does what and where for why.

    And finally you can set Divisions, basically setting different flights and squadrons, and who is incharge of what.

    From there, you can…


    This is branding your organisation’s look, logos, and recruitment info, all the way to having your own fourms and website, event calendars, online chats, ect.

    All of this is incredibly detailed and flexible, basically setting you up for making your organisation an integrated part of the SC universe. There were some very good pictures of mock organisations they made that show all these tools they are giving us will not be your standard myspace guild layout…

    The term Chris Roberts is driving home with these tools is Immersion.

    3. Avenger

    The Avenger ship model is complete! This has been my ship to be since I saw it, and he finally released it. It is a very sexy sexy heavy dog fighter attack craft. It should be available on Friday after they patch it.

    4. Hanger Updates

    Tomorrow (Oct. 11th) the hanger will be patched, and it shall be bearing the fruit of new things! Clothing updates, fishtanks, and apparently some hidden features, that we should look forward too >.>

    5. The Next Great Starship.

    They have created a competition, which basically comes down to a weekly show of who can build the best star ship. The winner will have their ship put into the game, along with 30k. More information to come on the website. Start will be the 30th of October until the end of the year for initial submissions.

    6. Hornet Commercial

    %(#$ing Sexy.

    That is all I can say, for no other words shall describe it -_-

    Ill post it as soon as they post it up, this was an early show and they still want to do some work on it, but for Citizencon they wanted to give us a treat :D

    The video is below for anyone that wishes to watch it.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/J5YJDOwil0k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    That is all -_-
    Last edited: 11 Oct 2013
  2. Re: Live Event Information! (For those too impatient to watch an hour and a half of v

    Guess that'll be me :)
  3. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Live Event Information! (For those too impatient to watch an hour and a half ...

    Thank you Shewolf for this write up. It's a perfect summation of what is coming down the pipe.
  4. Re: Live Event Information! (For those too impatient to watch an hour and a half of v

    Awesome work, Shewolf!
  5. Re: Live Event Information! (For those too impatient to watch an hour and a half of v

    The LTI was a bug since it was offered to new backers, when it should have been only available to vet/org backers. They have since removed the LTI from the ships, but if you moved fast and bought before, then you get to keep it :D

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