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playing in your BF2 server...

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by A4D|Fats, 24 Sep 2005.

  1. hello CDL. i frequent your server and have had many ggz there. however, on my last visit, i recieved a ban for excessive team kills. im not entirely sure how this happened, but i think it was the result of stray missles from the aircraft carrier mounted gun. i was wondering if there would be any way to have this ban removed. what happened was in no way intentional and me and my clanmates play there often(since i, at least, get great pings)
    i check back for your answer...
  2. Thats the autoban by the server, you should be able to play after one full round if thats the reason why you were banned/kicked
  3. cool, thanks
  4. we really need to make a sticky post about the autoban mic-jiggy
  5. The limit really needs to be raised a bit, was playing with a few buddies on ours and one bad arty strike can get you kicked pretty easily.
  6. Jouster

    Jouster DragonWolf

    Or a very unlucky blind shot from an M1 to a Blackhawk...

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