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Spectator Mode in a forum?

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Timothas Majere, 8 Jul 2022.

  1. Hi everyone.
    Wow. Still around.
    Boy oh boy, did I ever make a bad choice with KSA.
    Been a LONG time, Hope there are still a few folks kickin around to wax nostalgic with.

    For those who don't know, I'm a friend, i still think, with many of the original founders and members of this group from back in the Starsiege Tribes days on Insomniax.
    Heck, I bet I still have demos kickin around.

    a Starsiege tribes stumbled into my recommended earlier on Youtube today and got me to taking a trip to the past.
    Hope everyones good. Looking to maybe get reacquainted with the gang and maybe see if somethings open, but baby steps. its been years now.
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  3. Yes sir! I remember your name too.
    I remember when DesperadoAV joined, well, hope this is not bragging, but he and I were rather a decent team together and when we were free agents he went CDL and I went KSA.
    Regrets indeed.
    I was almost always sitting in spectator on TPH ( This Place here) BigRed server if that rings any bells, but also found myself mod on DynoDons server too.
    Ya know, Youtube has a bunch of IX stuff even now if you manage the rummaging.
    I lost everything last year to a nasty tenancy situation, but i do think i still grabbed the CD's with the demos on them.
    I'll be sure to rummage those as time permits here.
    I was actually trying to find some of my old clans Ultra renegades info and saw that clan CDL was represented on a web site but has no web site link and that actually prompted me to come here.
    Hope posting it is okay.
    Anyhow, good to see at least one familiar name.
    Weren't we in CodX for a short time as well or is that some other name perhaps im confusing you with?

    EDIT: Not IX demos but here is a site with some demos. I cant find Tribalwar anymore ( what a shock huh?) so repositories for demos are most likely gone forever so, i will indeed try and find mine.
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  4. Yes, I think we were in codx for a spell!

    DynoDons, wow, and tph....oof,thems some names from a bygone era


    That link you dropped....somehow saved a copy of a match recording I did when I was in TC and we played FOG to a standstill on Raindance. We must have lost the other map cuz I don't see any other demos I uploaded. Just search for my name and you'll find the demo.

    Wow, I just watched it......now that brings back memories, thanks for the link!!

    Edit: so, there is at least one IX demo from the link you dropped......mine!

    Edit2: I had to find a T1 basic install for v1.11 in order to watch it. Those new fangled ones from playt1.com won't playback my demo

    Last edited: 8 Jul 2022
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  5. Thats freaking awesome!
    I think I also have a fix for your Tribes game.
    Little known fact, back when Tribes came out, most systems were not even used to dual core processors, much less Multi core and the affinity status was what was preventing the game from running.
    I wish i could remember specifics, but i do remember that if you isolate the primary core's affinity for the game , It should work again.
    Also keep in mind 3d graphics like voodoo's Glide don't exist either, Might wish to just go straight to software rendering ( which surprisingly enough, PROBABLY is superior to many cards of the day)

    The fact you found one of your own vids there is just so much more perfect.
    I think I remember TC as well.. Cheese and I were good friends as well and i do believe he switched to CodX and that also prompted me to make a splash.
    I gotta find the BEEF vs CodX match we did. It was all Codx mind you, just many of us were doing some silly schtick involving the word BEEF and we turned it into like a practice team for competitive matches, good enough to work with but not good enough to make the high competitions.

    I remember so much about those days, its scary. think I might have eidetic recall of a sort because i remember a LOT of those days vividly.

    Seriously, I hope more people pop in with memories because Its seriously motivating me to look online for stuff and run back to Dad's to check my old systems in the garage and maybe those harddrives might still work too.
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  6. Ahhhh, yes, Cheese, I do remember him.... and BEEF as well.

    This reminiscencing got me to see if I could play T2 last night..... on my 10 year old laptop and was successful, albeit not as good as I used to be, if I was even considered *good*. Nonetheless, it was a very good time! And yes, I played as WarChilde in T2 as well. Other smurf names I used in IX and T2 were Visigothe and Thunder
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  7. Heh Cheese was a class act. Miss him a bit really.
    Oh wow. Just hit me.
    This is like 20 years ago now maybe more.
    I wonder, .. what it'd take to make a reunion server and try and grab as many folks from IX as we can find as sort of a IX family reunion.
    I bet I could dig up some old info and e-mails that MIGHT still work.
    Understandably people have moved on and possibly in some cases can no longer be reached. Reality is kind of a biatch right now.Yes. I'm going to delve into this further.
    Still looking for files and whatnot. If I find the recordings, The skins and mods and all that are also on the same disk so, im hoping i can find those today.
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  8. That sounds awesome! Not sure where to even begin something like this. I've lost touch with MrSir, MotoX, Yoshi, and too many others to name. Sadly, I lost my older brother a few years ago who played as Dosanti.
  9. Shit, dude. Im sorry to hear about your brother.
    I lost mine back in 2011 so I feel you.
    Damn, Dos. He helped me with my +NW+ joke clan back when I was doing the free agent stuff after KSA collapsed.
    That's also one grim reality. Some folks may not be available, ever.
    That being said, it could still be fun to try and reconnect. One person can connect to another and so on and so on.
    I noticed ICQ still exists even, so I'm hesitant but curious since almost everyone I knew was there back then or on AIM.
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  10. You ever get an IX server going, let me know and I'll hop on for a few maps
  11. Whaaaaat!!!!!

    So, I was playing around with one of those T1 configs from playt1.com and lo and behold there was an IX 9c server in the server list!!!

    Let's gooooooooo!!!!

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