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The Division

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Khorneholio, 11 Jun 2013.

  1. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Guy's interpretation might be on or off, but either way he's digging in a bit to the bases aspect which is pretty interesting.

  2. Couple of new tidbits came out following E3. First, a video interview discusses a little bit about the events featured in E3's cinematic trailer and stage demo:

    Second, another interview in their blog discusses some of the features players will have access to, as well as "Faction Bases" that come into play as characters progress through the story:

  3. This game seems really interesting but i cant help but be a little turned off by the huge amount of hype and lack of information.
  4. A lot of the problems with getting information on the game comes from Ubisoft, most especially since they don't seem to want to confirm a release date unless they're absolutely certain they can deliver it then. That said, it's most likely Fall 2015 instead of the Summer.

    As for the other things, some information has surfaced over the past few months from retailers and the studio itself, whilst others came during conventions. What we know so far, however, is as follows:
    • The core game is story-driven, team-based objective gameplay in an open world setting.
    • If players are not using a PC/console, they will still be able to participate via "overwatch" gameplay using either mobile or tablet devices.
    • At different locations throughout New York and Manhattan Island where the game is set, there are also "Dark Zones"; spaces designed almost exclusively for PvP group combat.
    • Future story content will be released periodically, and you can improve your character's statistics post-campaign.
    • Though not fully disclosed, there are to be safe social areas to help with forging alliances, as well as allow people to exit the game without being constantly griefed by enemy players.
    • Xbox One and PS4 versions remain unconfirmed, but performance without sacrificing quality is being maximised for each platform's specific hardware, and will vary depending on PC specs, to provide the best experience no matter the system.
    • Skill trees are to be fully customiseable, with the option to change your role and capabilities at any time.
    • Aside from standard story progression, there are also progression systems planned for all gear found in the open world and your operational base (think Battlefield, Command and Conquer), to continue upgrading once you've completed the initial story. Some loot can also be combined to either upgrade your gear, or you can sell it in the social areas.
    • There are discussions that a public beta may be conducted prior to the full release, to help with QA concerns.
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  5. Woes for Ubisoft continues as the game is yet again delayed due to unspecified gameplay bugs, now adopting a "when it's done" policy likely to push it all the way up to Fall 2015. Given problems suffered with AC: Unity, The Crew and Watch_Dogs shipping on next-gen, this comes as no great surprise, but could also mean the game seen in prior demos might be smaller than originally intended.

    There is some good news - a beta has been confirmed to start in March, to aid in community testing and "endgame" suggestions prior to the full release. However, initially, this will be an Xbox One-exclusive.

    Last but not least; although this video dates back to September's EGX Expo, it does have some stuff not seen previously:

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  6. Earlier today a video of the game's pre-Alpha was leaked online, according to Eurogamer. Whilst Ubisoft stresses the video is not representative of the game in its current state, however, I don't seriously see the game launching in Fall 2015 without an up-to-date demonstration.
  7. I'm curious to see what happens with this game
  8. I'm ok with the delay. Take a year. Take two. I don't want it rushed out the door like all the latest Ubisoft titles.
  9. Game has Potential.
  10. Multiple sources this week suggest the game will be showcasing another gameplay demo at this year's E3 (June 16-18).

    This comes less than a month after rumours began circulating that the convention would be used demonstrate gameplay from Assassins' Creed: Victory, as well as a new set of details for Rainbow Six: Siege...

    Ubisoft Massive managing director David Polfeldt said recently to Gamespot, "The Division is a very ambitious game. We are saving many of the most interesting parts for later."
  11. Recently read that the Division has been delayed until 2016 :(
  12. Yeah, Ubisoft is having an atrocious time right now getting stuff done - they've added a fourth studio to its development.

    They've also spoken about releasing VR-ready games next year, however, so it might be that Division is one of these.
  13. Signed up a few days ago. It's Ubisoft, but im still keeping a close eye on this.
  14. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I feel like they have been talking about this game for literally years with little to show for it. :lol: Is this the new Duke Nukem Forever?
  15. I think it's got a decade to go until it's DNF status.

    I'm ok with giving them 1-2 more years. At least they're not rushing it out the door, and i think thats a good sign.
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  16. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Yea it's always nice to see that for sure. I'd just prefer when companies do that they not announce it at big press conferences. Go the fallout way and be like "It's coming this fall!" :lol:

    I still think it's going to be a cool ass game.
  17. I think it was because they were building a brand new technology engine along with the game, so that caused more trouble than if they had just used someone else's.
  18. I've signed up for beta but games like this scare me. They look really cool but when the every picture of the box is the Xbox One version I worry about terribleness in a port.
  19. In the last 24 hours, a new gameplay trailer for The Division accidentally leaked online. Ubisoft quickly removed the trailer but not before someone hosted it privately, so the studio decided to launch it in all languages. Here is the English version:


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