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Warhammer 40,000: The Tiadein Chronicles

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 19 Aug 2004.

  1. *shudder*
  2. Ok, Valve Software is one of them (the developer I'll be working for and the one providing the engine), while another will be the one developing it for the PC and Xbox Live! systems.

    BTW, Derfud, check your inbox.
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  3. A little change. You may have notice that I have altered my sig on the forums recently. The reason for this is - since the characters for the game will be based on human actors (whether they are in SOURCE or UNREAL3) - I have decided that as part of the deal for a developer to make a game with my stories, I will be taking a better and more active role than playing that of Legacy of Evil's villain...

    I will now be doing the voiceover and being the template-appearance for the player's character, Peter Arandris/Traenus Obraxian.

    More on this will follow later.
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  4. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    Wow - I need to get Hyncharas' autograph now!

    Nice going Hynch! :D
  5. WH40KtTC: the secret is revealed!

    Ourcolony -- Xbox 360 Explained

    People still haven't guessed which third company will be working in conjuction with Games Workshop that The Tiadein Chronicles will be developed by, so that will now be aired...


    After the feature made last night on MTV for the Xbox 360 was released, a lot of new information regarding the next-generation console was covered in detail in plan for its expected launch in November this year. Since the pioneering developer of Halo (Bungie Entertainment), were at the forefront of the inception the original Xbox, it was only fitting that they were chosen as representatives of the gaming community for the creation of this new Warhammer 40,000 game series.

    This is because much of the technical development for the SOURCE and UNREAL 3.0 Engines were built specifically to run off PCs using ATI's X800 256MB graphics, and as a result of this, the X360 utilises a newer generation of the current X850 technology available to consumers. Now while this sounds as if the game series will be solely X360-based, I can state that this system will also run off the PC, much like the design principles for the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes MMO in progress.

    Now while all this information must remain confidential for now, it has also been confirmed that the final Halo game in the trilogy will be an X360 title and - like all other games for the new console - will be Live! Enabled; thereby the improved multiplayer/content-download service being another reason why Bungie was chosen as the prime developer of the concept.


    Much of what I've told you here will be used in the press-release, however there is also information which you'll still have to wait for. In any case, it is a refreshing look of things to come for the online gaming world.
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  6. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    Nice! I was just reading about the X-Box 360 today.
  7. i was totaly going to guess bungie
  8. wow good luck hynch
  9. As you know, the statement I made about Halo 3 was announced 4 days prior to the official word on it from E3's Microsoft Press Conference.

    While news of the purchasing for an engine may be announced this year, don't expect any media on the project to be released until after Halo 3 is complete, as this is Bungie's primary focus.
  10. Due to similarities in my story to another project, I may have to change developers from Bungie to someone else (again), or may simply be changing the co-developer in order to ensure my idea is under a license that won't be terminated further down the line.

    Until I know more, the project is on hold until talks with this other developer (who will remain nameless, for now) are complete.
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  11. UPDATE: No, we're ok. This is welcomed news for me, as it means it comes back off the inactive list.

    I'm talking to Games Workshop this week and may be heading down to their headquarters in Nottingham later this month to discuss with them about the game, as well as start making some preliminary artwork for its development.
  12. Good to see another update. :D
  13. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    It's good to hear that it is still going Hyncharas!
  14. :( :eek: :( :eek: :(

    Upon talking to Games Workshop, they have told me that - because Bungie Studios are owned and administered by Microsoft - they are effectively THQ's competitors and the Texas-studio probably won't let me take this to any developer (let alone one they are competing with) unless THQ can publish it themselves. As such this has, reluctantly, placed Bungie out of the picture.

    Another problem is that SOURCE is also a very expensive game engine ($250-300,000) to license, meaning that it may not be used as the game's core technology, either.

    There may be another developer I can try stationed in the London area here in the UK, so I'm going to try with them. In any event, the project from a development-side is on hold for now, but I will be continuing with the writing of each chapter to make it more viable for when development starts up again.
  15. ORANGE

    ORANGE DragonWolf

    oh noes batman
  16. Just a little thing... there will be more than six chapters of The Tiadein Chronicles.

    Remember that fact, because it will be important at some point ;)
  17. In my continous writing of a culture behind the Tiadein and the Relora, I have been creating a number of legendary creatures called Chirons. The Chirons are the most evolved animals of their kind and will function as embodiments for the abilities that come from each Prime Element.

    This Prime Element, however, will be of particular interest to you. Because I have had a lot of fun with the clan and would like to return to that pastime once the game is released, I've made the Pyrus Chiron a Dragonwolf! I've even put what I've written about its history here, for your viewing pleasure:
    Chiron Ncarren Dragonwolf (Pyrus/Fire Prime Element): -
    There is a land and aerial predator that was once found in the “Ash Fern Woodlands” (denoted for the volcanic activity) on the first-ever Reloran homeworld of Ncarre, known as the Dragonwolf. Fiercely territorial and protective of the land, this creature was believed to be an offshoot of the Relora that never developed to the point of higher intelligence, or were mostly driven to extinction by their homeworld’s instability of the environment in that area.

    When the Relora finally possessed the means to expand further out into the universe, the remaining handful of Dragonwolves were captured and taken with the expedition teams, hoping to find a world where the species could breed and thrive without interference. Since that time, there are now more than 77 billion of the creatures spread throughout their home-galaxy – an infinitely small minority of which have evolved beyond pure instinct and can actually speak Reloran, even if they are only a purebred Dragonwolf and not a Chiron!

    Their appearance is similar to the Human wolves on Fenris (the Space Wolves’ Chapter-Homeworld) but they also contain a lot of reptilian cells derived from Reloran genetic material, meaning they have a very strong, yet flexible skeletal structure, as well as the wing-like appendages that the Relora possess;

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  18. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    w00t! Hynch, our resident game lore artist.
  19. I figured that since I was getting my voice in the game, i'd bring some small part of the clan into it as well :)
  20. ORANGE

    ORANGE DragonWolf

    /emote cabbagepatch

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