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Would like to join the BF:V division

Discussion in 'The Dragon Wolves Recruitment Forum' started by Kasatka, 22 Apr 2004.

  1. Hey, I've been playing BF:V for quite a while now. On the CDL server and other places. Currently I don't have a clan for BF:V and was looking for some cool people to play with. You might know me as Smaug on PSU, or as Kasatka in BF:V. I talked with Ivan on PSU-IRC and he said it might be a problem that I play Emerald NC in PS. Just wanted to let you know that in case its a problem.
  2. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    Kasatka, Welcome! Although there isn't an official CDL BFV division yet, it is in discussion.

    You could switch over to the underdog TR on Emerald and help us against the blue and purple hordes! ;)

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