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New Profile Posts

  1. peacemaker
    peacemaker Manitou
    Long time no chat. Hey, for an old ELDER, should I go through the normal process to join again or is there some other method? Interested in the Star Citizen crew. Has Voth (aka Jeff) been doing any playin? Haven't talked to him a while either.
  2. Wilobren
    bummer .. can't link my steam account.
  3. WarWolf
    WarWolf Hamma
    Hey Hamma, can I get reactivated?
  4. Brokentusk
    Playing Elder Scrolls Online, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Fishing Planet, Osiris New Dawn, on PS4 and PC.
  5. Hamma
    Server move completed..
  6. Sentrosi
    That snap-hiss you hear is my lightsaber activating.
  7. Sentrosi
    With the Star Citizen anniversary sale going on this week, looking forward to the new ships released as well as flying in 2.6 space!
  8. Hagz
    All your base are belong to us
  9. scrub
    scrub Eporter
    hey bud, why you leave, everything ok?
  10. Traceroute
    Traceroute GraniteRok
    Hey Granite! Would i be able to get member status reinstated? I hadn't logged in in a long time.
  11. Traceroute
    Star Citizen 2.5 FTW!
  12. Black Drop
    Black Drop
    Happy New Year!
  13. Lunar
    Stuff. And things, and stuff.
  14. Daracus
    Daracus FaithStrike
    Dude message from the rust server... your base might be getting raided! Get on and defend it!
  15. Wilobren
    Hey guys. When I try to link FB to here I get an error message in FB that something isn't setup correctly. I requested to join the fb grp
  16. Wilobren
    RSI Forums: ScottieDee Star Citizen character: Ben T. Jericco, ship is the SS Wanderer, Freelancer DUR (pledge ship)
  17. Wilobren
    Wilobren Sentrosi
    Hello Sentrosi. It's been awhile. I got my password reset on the forum. A lot has changed in my life since we played Eve & LOTRO. I'm very excited about Star Citizen. I've already pledged and have downloaded the SC launcher.
    1. Sentrosi
      Wow! Hello Wilo! Long time no see man. Glad you got your password set up on the forums. What's your Star Citizen user name so I can add it to the roster over there?
      25 Mar 2015
  18. Wilobren
    Hello Dragonwolves! I'm very excited about Star Citizen. I'm wanting to update my profile info here, but I can't find the edit button.
  19. Hamma
    Forums updated to the latest version. Let me know if you see any issues!
  20. Jinx
    Back In Action