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Gaming with Honor, Valor and leading to Victory for over 10 years!

The DragonWolves have set up camp in Conan Exiles! Since launch we've setup several camps (screenshots below) and even started over fresh once. We have a server that is currently configured as private which any DragonWolves are welcome to join. If you'd like to offer access to a friend feel free to contact an Officer.

20170205154652_1.jpg 20170205155015_1.jpg
20170211232432_1.jpg 20170211232111_1.jpg

The connection details are as follows:

Server Name: DragonWolves Lair Central
Server IP/Port:


And hit up our private forums for the password! See you in the exiled lands!
Lead by Lunar and myself, the Dragonwolves are once again wetting our sabers and prepping our blasters for another exciting foray into Star Wars: The Old Republic. As with the old guild, we look for clear, measurable and obtainable goals with everyone in this division.

Our overarching goal has been, and always will be, that the people within the guild have fun. If you are not having fun, contact either Lunar or myself either in game or outside of it and discuss your issues with them. We are here to help in whatever way we can.

Our long-term goal will be to raid all end-game content in both Story Mode and Hard Mode.
Ideally we would like to field about 20 or so raiders. The reason being is that we would like to have some coverage when certain classes cannot make it as well as make two 8-person raid teams that can combine for 16-person raiding when ready (After clearing out Temple of Sacrifice Hard Mode). Here is how the teams currently stand:

Team 1:

  • Tanks
    • Main Tank: Lunar
    • Off-Tank: Damonke (added 12/12/16)
  • Healing
    • Main Healer: Black
    • Off-Healer:
  • DPS
    • Ranged DPS: Sentrosi
    • Ranged DPS: Beachman
    • Melee/Ranged DPS:
    • Melee/Ranged DPS:
  • Bench
I would prefer hybrid classes on the bench to maximize efficiency. So that means playing classes that may have a heal spec as well as a tank or DPS spec. If there is a need for it, the secondary team will have the same type of slots within it.

We are looking at beginning to raid Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace by the end of December. Here is...
It's been a while since Tom Clancy's The Division was announced back in 2013. Since then we have been keeping a close eye on the game, and we are happy to announce we will be launching in to the game as a team.

We are classifying this game as a casual division but we do intend to recruit individuals who are interested in joining us. If you're a DragonWolf please hit up our private forums for more details on how we plan to approach the game. If you're not familiar with the game please hit up our Upcoming Games forum for a bunch of links and videos of it in action.

Until the next beta weekend or release join us on Discord or the forums to continue the discussion!
Over the years many communication methods have come and gone. From our early days on IRC to Roger Wilco and TeamSpeak. About a month ago we switched all of our communications over to Discord! What is Discord you ask? It's essentially a one stop stop for team communication. It's a Chat Client, as well as a Voice Client and it runs on just about every platform including mobile.


We invite you to join us and discuss the latest happenings in gaming! just click the image above for a direct link to our server. If you're already a DragonWolf please post in the private forums and let us know so that we can give you access to our team discussion channels.

We look forward to seeing you!
Since the launch of H1Z1 several weeks ago the DragonWolves have been working to establish a foot hold in the game as a base of operations. After the server wipe this past week many DragonWolves worked tirelessly to architect a multi-level base of operations!

The base is of course far from complete but the initial footprint is in place. Special thanks go out to Faithstrike for architecting and planning the build. Jennyboo for gathering a metric ton of components as well as everyone who participated in the scavenging runs over the last several days. The teamwork of all involved has been impressive as we met the goals we set out for post server wipe.
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