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Since the launch of H1Z1 several weeks ago the DragonWolves have been working to establish a foot hold in the game as a base of operations. After the server wipe this past week many DragonWolves worked tirelessly to architect a multi-level base of operations!

The base is of course far from complete but the initial footprint is in place. Special thanks go out to Faithstrike for architecting and planning the build. Jennyboo for gathering a metric ton of components as well as everyone who participated in the scavenging runs over the last several days. The teamwork of all involved has been impressive as we met the goals we set out for post server wipe.
If you haven't been following H1Z1 it is a Zombie Survival MMO by Sony Online Entertainment (the same folks who brought us PlanetSide) and it launches in to Early Access on Thursday the 15th! H1Z1 promises to provide a post-apocalyptic world with thousands of players who are all attempting to survive. Zombies are the biggest threat.. but other players and starvation could also take you out!

While we don't have plans to form an Official Division for H1Z1 we do have about Ten DragonWolves looking to play! Keep an eye on this thread as we decide on where to play.
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