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Recruitment FAQ

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a Dragon Wolf! Here is a short FAQ designed to answer any questions you may have, as well as give you pointers as to how to be a good recruit! This FAQ will also instruct you on how to find other members using Discord, and the forums.

Do you have any questions that we did not address here? Feel free to post on any of the public forums, or send a PM to one of our Officers.

Games of the DragonWolves
What divisions do the Dragon Wolves currently support?

Leadership in the DragonWolves
Who are the leaders of the DragonWolves?

Communication in the DragonWolves
How do Dragon Wolves communicate?

What if I don't have Discord?

How should I configure Discord?

Why should I get on Discord?

Applying to the DragonWolves
What should I do before I post my application?

What divisions do the Dragon Wolves currently have?
The DragonWolves presence can be found in a wide variety of games. Currently we don’t have any active divisions in a released game. We are currently recruiting for our new Star Citizen Division and playing many other games for them.

This is a list of the inactive games:
Starsiege: Tribes
Tribes 2
Americas Army
Star Wars Galaxies
World of Warcraft
Lord of the Rings Online
EVE Online

Star Wars: The Old Republic
We are currently playing the Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion!

Star Citizen
We are currently actively recruiting for Star Citizen, a new Space Based MMO coming soon!

PlanetSide 2
Currently our casual game, the Dragon Wolves play as Terran Republic on the Waterson Server.

Typically the Dragon Wolves try a game out and invite other Dragon Wolves to try it out and they will play together for a while to test the game for longevity and the possibility of a future Division. If it doesn’t hold their attention, they will usually pass on to other games – always playing as a Pack!

Who are the leaders of the DragonWolves?
Hamma is the leader of the Dragon Wolves. His officer's corps, consisting of seven active members, helps him to lead the team to victory in every game we play.

How do Dragon Wolves communicate?
We use many different ways of communicating with each other. First and foremost, we use the forums. Since you are only a recruit, you cannot see all of the forums, but we have forums for every game we play, as well as general discussion forums and such. Second we use an application called Discord for the rest of our communication needs. We have a variety of public and private voice and chat rooms that you can join and participate! We invite everyone on our Discord server so please join us and hang out.

You can join our Discord by clicking here

What if I don't have Discord?
Don't worry, it's a free download from Discordapp.com. All you need is microphone and you're in the clear! It's available on every platform including mobile. We look forward to seeing you!

How should I configure Discord?
The only thing we ask for our Discord Voice users is that you do NOT use Voice Activation. We ask that you please use Push to Talk, which means you have to press a key to be heard. This greatly reduces the amount of needless-noises on Discord. This option can be set in Settings -> Voice -> Input Mode -> Push to Talk.

Why should I get on Discord?
One of the most important things you can do as a recruit is to get yourself involved with other Dragon Wolves. Just about all of us hang out on Discord at all times, so it's a great place to meet people in realtime. We encourage ALL recruits to hang around Discord and idle in the channel whenever possible. This helps us know that you are serious about joining us. Thre's also a few public voice channels you can join up and play with us in.

What should I do before I post my application?
The very first thing you should do is review the various threads on this forum and any others you have access to to familiarize yourself with the DragonWolves. You should also review the -CDL- Recruiting Mission Statement.

The DragonWolves, formerly known as Clan Draconus Lupus was formed in 1998 from a very tight-knit group of gamers, most of which continue to serve the DragonWolves on our Council of Elders and have earned lifetime membership to the team. We have always, and continue to base our Clan on teamwork and a family core value system. In the end we are all friends and like to consider ourselves honorable. We hold the ethic of honor high; for we feel that through honor and valor we will always find victory. Which is also our team motto "Honor, Valor, Victory"

The DragonWolves has a very strong infrastructure based on years of experience in it's Officer's Corps as well as our entire team. Every single member has a voice in where the team goes and we do not run the team as a dictatorship. Every member will go out of their way to make sure our members are made stronger through camaraderie, training and sharing of information. To this end, we have an established Code of Conduct and Guide Manual to clarify how we run the team.

What is most important to us is commitment to the team and our way of gaming together as friends and family above all else. While we do run organized and structured operations as a team we never lose sight of what we are truly here for. Most of our members are now longtime friends and some have even married on the team. Some have grown up on this team and continue to serve to this day.

The DragonWolves are here for the long haul and are still running strong after all these years. If you feel you can commit to the team apply.

Lastly, read the DragonWolves Code of Conduct.

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9 Feb 2014
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