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Cube World

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by DonkeySmiler, 31 Jan 2012.

  1. DonkeySmiler

    DonkeySmiler Eater of Gnomish Persons DragonWolf

    Anyone seen this yet? http://wollay.blogspot.com/

    Cube World is not going to be the final name for the game, just a work-in-progress title. I think it looks awesome. It boggles my mind why Minecraft did not go more in this direction..... and by that I mean giving folks something to do, some sort of progression/reason to explore.

    It should be noted that this game is being developed by one person. The guy is a machine. He seems to implement whole new elements to the game on a daily basis. He just posted an update about the spirit system. You can actually change the appearance of your armor/weapons when you add buffs. Such a simple idea yet rarely seen in games.
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  2. DonkeySmiler

    DonkeySmiler Eater of Gnomish Persons DragonWolf

    Yeah it was posted somewhere that he ended up turning down the job at Mojang. I'm betting he sees the potential gold mine he has developed and figured it best to focus his efforts.
  3. DonkeySmiler

    DonkeySmiler Eater of Gnomish Persons DragonWolf

    Blast from the past bump!

    Game is in closed Alpha, but a supposed Demo followed by a buy your way into alpha and get all future updates ala minecraft is to follow.

    Here are some folks who have been streaming their closed Alpha play:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmt4-lsjX50"]Cube World: (Closed Alpha) Multiplayer Gameplay #2 - YouTube[/ame]

    Game seems extremely polished and playable despite it only being "alpha"
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  4. the Alpha released 3 days ago, but the ability to buy it has been spotty as there's been some DDoS trouble.


    I was able to buy a copy earlier today, and must say it's rather addicting even in this early stage.
  5. DonkeySmiler

    DonkeySmiler Eater of Gnomish Persons DragonWolf

    I was able to slip in a purchase as well. This game has amazing potential and is really fun in its current state. I hope Wollay doesn't take the money and run (so to speak), and follows through with the additional features planned (along with fixing what needs fixed).
  6. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    You and Dyganth suck posting how cool the game is and yet its broke where we cannot purchase a copy or download it and try it out. :mad:

    Oh well...Guess I will have to wait and check it every so often and see if I can sneak in and get it.
  7. Come kill things with me, i'll make videos!
  8. DonkeySmiler

    DonkeySmiler Eater of Gnomish Persons DragonWolf

    Sorry :( Wollay needs to swallow his pride and take and/or pay for help. It is ridiculous there are tons of folks out there anxious to give him money and he is not prepared to take it.

    Dyganth: my schedule is so messed up these days I'd have a hard time nailing down a time to play. My one saving grace was last week pretty much my whole office was out and my work computer can handle the game :)
  9. I've been missing the opportunity to buy. I'm surprised his Mojang friends haven't helped him stabilize his distribution setup.
  10. Grabbed it tonight.
  11. going to pick it up tomorrow

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