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Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 27 Jan 2013.

  1. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    I went ahead and bought it as well.

    Only like 148 EGO....Not very high yet.

    I think by the mod slots, when you have mods that the weapon they are meant for can only be added when that weapon has that slot open.

    I have found that at my EGO level most weapons only have one open mod slot or none at all.
  2. Haven't got to that point yet, but I did notice that the "class" you pick is pretty pointless for the most part seeing as I can use nearly all the weapons anyways.

    The game needs some work though and I expect it will begin to grow some after the show launches next week and it begins to gain a following.
    Last edited: 8 Apr 2013
  3. The "class" give specific bonuses to certain weapon types. That is the only benefit they have.
  4. I figured as much, but with doing those ARC codes I got a +1 bonus to all weapon types now. I ran Veteran since I like the starter outfit.
  5. So how do we friend in this game?
  6. I believe it is under the EGO menus and Social...Search for players by name and then you can add them. Search by Char name or Account name. My account name is Faithstrike
    Last edited: 14 Apr 2013
  7. No luck, it doesnt want to find you by your account name.
  8. They have said that during beta there were problems with the social system; guess there still is.
  9. It works, but only if your target is online at the time.

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