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Eris Squadron Thread

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Shewolf, 7 Oct 2013.

  1. Since we have this sexy new fourm to post stuff in, though I would just made a new thread on all things concerned for Eris Squadron here.

    I have a thread posted on RSI Fourms for now, will be updating it with new info as it comes and goes.


    Working on concepts for it still, so it is still in baby making mode.

    I also am unsure if I wish it to be part of CDL directly or be it's own animal, something im sure we can discuss here :D
  2. I also am writing up in-character stories for how ERIS formed and all that, I think...

    As you may or may not know, besides my ability to hunt humans, make armour, and be artistic, I also am a pretty good creative writer (Not totally rubbing my shoulder all cocky like as I mention I won college competitions for my sci-fi stuff..)

    Anywho, here is my rough ideas I write down at work when im bored...

    A long time ago, in a galaxy not that far really, like across the street almost...

    The story starts with five characters...

    Faridah Edge - A former UEE Advocacy wing commander. In a botched attempt to extract inter-galactic human traffickers, got her entire flight killed in the process. Turned to drink and depression, she leaves Advocacy and wanders through life hopelessly.

    Asholette (Ash) Langley - A single mother left with nothing but a trading ship by her father before his passing. Having no other means to make money, Ash takes her trading ship along with her daughter to start working the shipping lanes, thinking it a good way to spend time with her daughter and provide for her. However, pirates attack and destroy her ship, killing her daughter in the process. Left griving and angered, she is left a broken woman on some backwater planet.

    Alexandra and Leliana Taggart - Abandoned sisters left on a junk planet, put through hardship as they grow up, but finding passion in the stars, thinking it their way to escape. They learn to salavage and build, working on their first star fighter, when a gang comes to scrap it and them. The quick witted sisters manage to trick their way into acessing the gang's own star fighters, stealing them and fleeing the system. Staying on a path of good humored crime, the sisters find themselves time and time again in trouble with the law as they try to make their way, finally finding themselves imprisoned in the end of it all.

    Henrietta Roux - Once a prominent xeno-biologist student, she was captured at age 20 by pirates on an excavation on some far out planet. Instead of sharing the fate of slavery or execution, one of her captors fell in "love" with her, starting a relationship as he slowly tried to indocrinate her into the pirate way. In worked to a degree, though she always held in the back of her mind that she was not one of these animals. Years later during a raid, her "lover" had disabled a UEE Navy pilot, taunting and threatening her as he slowly shot up her dead craft, torturing her. Despite Henri's cries to stop, he continued onward, until she snapped, opening fire on him and blowing his ship to pieces. The rest of the pirates chased after her as she fled in the interceptor, before the UEE caught up and killed/captured the pirates along with her. Thanks to the testimony of the pilot she saved, she was spared execution and a short penal colony sentence, but once she was out, she had no idea who she was anymore, nor the means to support herself as she once had.

    All 5 of these women, left in the chaos that had ruined their lives, find an advertisement for a new start in life (The Taggart sisters being "offered" in place of a penal colony). A corporation called Poseidon is attempting to start a new colony on the fringes of UEE space, looking for volunteers, in which all 5 of them take part in.

    In reality, Poseidon is merely looking to set up a cheap colony to draw the attention of the Vanduul Raiders in the area so they may open up a more established mining colony near their territory. The cheap colony is given the bare minimums, basic fighters to defend itself, and left with mostly low lifes, drug addicts, and other undesirables that society would not miss, or so Poseidon would hope the UEE wouldn't miss.

    In this colony of New Troy (A play on the Trojan horse, by sending a horse out to draw the attention away) starts to become attacked over the months, before one final battles leaves it in ruin, all colonists captured or killed, but for the five women and a handful of scrappy star fighters. In a desperation of madness in the chaos, or perhaps unity for justice, the women take the fighters and against all odds, wipe out the alien raiders, saving the remaining colonists. Instead of merely returning to the corporation that had done this to them, the women took to the stars to form into the first five members of Eris Squadron, flying in their off axis pentagon, and making a new life for themselves.

    This is just a very rough draft of ideas, still polishing it up, but in the end, id like to do 3 short stories for each pilot, 3 short stories for the events at New Troy Colony, and a short story of how Eris formed up after, complete with pretty pictures and all >.>

    Whatca think ?
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  3. My rough draft concept art for the first Eris leader.

  4. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    I like the story. Can't wait to read more!
  5. Did you draw those yourself? I'm hella jealous of your talent if so! :p
  6. Actually I designed them in 3D, then ripped them over to photoshop to draw and outline for different effects. I did this so I can use them in various poses and such for the whole storyline. This first one is actually an old character I made awhile back, but someone I imagined for the first leader :p
  7. [​IMG]



    Done -_- No more drawing for the next never..
  8. Spaceballs reference?
  9. No....? I don't get it -_-
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  11. I still don't get it -_-
  12. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer


    See it now?
  13. Im going to change my second middle name now, thanks -_-
  14. Too be fair... the first time I read your post I thought it really did say Assholette and I snickered. :doh:
  15. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    With ya there Khorne! I read it like how a drunk would say it... "Ash-hole-ette"! ;)
  16. Honor, valor, tactlessness.
  17. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Honestly, the storyline is solid Shewolf. I can't wait to read what's next.
  18. Three more pictures I had been working on.




    And they seem to be doing well in attracting some recruits, am in talks with a few girls right now that wish to join Eris :D
  19. If those are all originals you need to do this for a living...

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