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For those of you still on the edge about Star Citizen...

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Shewolf, 14 Oct 2013.

  1. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HRAt8tg-8co" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    It is a big long, but it is well worth it. Made me cry at one point ;_;
  2. FAIL. Dude didn't even mention the Freespace series. :p BETTER than Wing Commander!

    Good video, but I'm still not convinced. I know Roberts has vision and determination, but we all know how many other factors will go into whether or not his vision is actually realized in its entirety. All of these ideas sound AWESOME, but I fear his ambition will be too much for reality.

    SGTHACK DragonWolf

    I still think the dude will disappear with the cash. If it is that great, how come a big publisher didn't pick it up? I will wait for the release...
  4. He went to Microsoft since they own the rights to his Wing Commander series, they told him no, they don't see a market or potentail in a space sim.

    And now wer are about to crest $23 million, and he has a good hundredish devolopers on payroll now, so I don't see him running. I know you don't mean anything by it really, but just because some aspiring devolpers on a kickstarter have run with money, doesn't mean everyone who asks for investments is out to steal your money ;P

    Anyways, there is always a seat in my ship when you come join us lol.

    SGTHACK DragonWolf

    In my line of work, I see it every day. I will wait on the release before committing to this.

    SGTHACK DragonWolf

    Ash, Don't get me wrong. I am a Roberts fan. I have concerns until the release. He has had financial problems in the past. When it is on the shelves, no one will be happier than me. When the beta approaches, I have a bag of cash to drop on this, I will set aside a spot on my carrier for your ship..LOL :)
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  7. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Having seen the inside of game design several times and having a pretty good idea of what goes into making a game of this scope and ambition I am skeptical they can pull it off. With each new milestone comes another set of lofty goals. It feels like they create these goals to get more money but there's no proof they can make these things happen.

    That combined with what Hack said is the reason I'm not willing to throw my hat in the ring of a game like this until we see actual tangible systems and features come into the world.

    All that being said I will certainly throw my hat in the ring when things become more "real" for lack of a better term.

    Edit: I do find it amusing this guy has the same experience with EVE as many others. :lol:
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  8. Whilst I do intend to put money into this, I can appreciate the disadvantages of what's being asked of people to ship a game through crowdfunding, with little info on when they'll actually get to play it. Interstellar Marines looked as if it would be good in the beginning, but the first game in its trilogy has been so poorly handled thus far, it feels like I wasted $40 for something that may never deliver.

    The release window for SC is "somewhere in 2015", which could just as easily be the December, not to mention the fact that there's no news on when the Alpha/Beta is due to start. As a former player of Wing Commander and Starlancer, however, I would be surprised if it didn't make an appearance soon.
  9. I got burned by my last Kickstarter game Takedown, and that was just $15
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  10. Technically the alpha started with the hangar module, which is to be followed by the dogfighting module Q4 2013/Q1 2014.

    The hangar module allows us to test the functionality of the ships look for bugs in basic gameplay and try out new cosmetics and such.

    I don't expect a beta of the Game Universe to appear until late next year at best.
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  11. If you guys don't start spelling Hangar correctly I am quite literally going to go insane.

    Christ, the last time someone spelt it correctly here was in 2004. If it's not an error, please let me in on the joke.
  12. No you are right, and I corrected my post. However no reason to be so snide about it :p
  13. At first I thought that it was going to be no big deal, so I was tactful about it and kept myself in check.
    But today I realized that if I want to keep being able to read this forum, I'd either have to deal with the headaches or say something.

    I'm laughing now, but damn, I get OCD about that kind of stuff.
  14. Itz okae evul ninju dewd. Speling iz impotent. :ralf:
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  15. Hamma has echoed pretty much my whole sentiment on this game. I need a game or I'm not putting any money into it.

    Evilninjadude simply was faster than I was at saying what was on our minds, lol. I'm sure that if he had been a member for longer, you'd be more forgiving of his delivery, Ash. ;)
  16. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Lets keep it civil around here folks.
    This forum isn't to bring out a debate on if you're going to play or if you're not. It's a discussion forum as well as giving you all more information on the game. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  17. Re: Re: For those of you still on the edge about Star Citizen...

    Hamma an Hack hit it on the head for me. We got years to decide so i'm not really to worried about the game right now.

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  18. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    That's my position too. I gotta see more! I want to see actual gameplay; fighting, questing, player interactions, etc to be able to convince me that this game is for me. What are the group/outfit mechanics? Until then and more information about the game itself rather than pretty videos is when I make any decision about putting money towards it. And even then, it won't be upfront money anymore. Simcity and Planetside2 proved that for me not to do anymore.
  19. This video, and I suppose the angle that I am trying to sell to everyone, is based on faith. Our Prophet, Lord Christ Roberts, has simply given us a space bible, and I am one of his followers, trying to spread the good word of Citizenanity. For thou shall know our lords name, when he lays his space game upon thee, yet I may save a few souls thy monetary value and help spread the word of our prophet, before the end of days come and we ascend into Star Citizen, with virgins. -_-
  20. I have no idea what you just sad :D. I do however appreciate your enthusiasm and understand your excited and want to get as many people as possible into this.

    Thanks to you and Ash for keeping us updated even if I'm not yet interested.

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