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Poll: ArcheAge - Nuia or Haranya Faction

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by nachtwolf17, 10 Sep 2014.

Which faction should we join in ArcheAge?

Poll closed 13 Sep 2014.
  1. Nuia

  2. Haranya

  3. Doesn't matter

  1. Okay, just a quick poll to determine which faction everyone wants to play.

    Nuia - Nuian and Elf races:
    Pros: We know the land and have a plan for day one.
    Cons: Overcrowded in both population and farm land no matter which server.
    Questing will be difficult due to the overcrowding.
    Land grab will happen very quickly.
    (Think WoW Horde vs Alliance)
    Haranya - Harani and Firran races:
    Pros: Less crowded in both population and farm land.
    Questing will be much smoother due to lighter population.
    More opportunities for future farm lands.​
    Cons: We are not as familiar with this area and will have to quickly come up with a plan.​
    I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page before making a final decision.

    References are coming from these places:
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  2. I am torn, on the one hand I am an elf irl, on the other, it would be nice to take the less populated side where we will have a nice piece of land and have a chance to be my true inner asian.


    For now I go with the logical side of being a middle aged Japanese woman with a fetish for farming though...
  3. Once you guys figure it out just tell me what server and what faction.
  4. Decisions will be finalized tomorrow night no matter what. Everyone who's interested should be on TS tomorrow and we can get everything ready to go. This idea was born out of late night, last minute thoughts about goals and efficiency. Haranya side may be where most of the solo players go, so many of the points I made could be null anyway.
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  5. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    From my experience you will have a better chance of attaining your goals if you go with the lower pop areas. You could use this time to recon the lands for a landgrab. You also won't have to defend it as soon. Thereby building up your resources.

    I don't have a dog in this fight. Just looking at it from a purely logical side after reviewing your goals.
  6. just let me know which one, i will very likely not be on ts..........trying to avoid woman aggro till something comes up
  7. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    I voted Haranya, one for the reason specified. Less population to contend with at the beginning.

    Also, will make the questing and storyline fresh for those who spent time in the betas.

    Plus as an avid PVPer, I like the cat race due to the less damage from fall. Would make it helpful in ambushing people off of a glider, or if you get knocked in the air by some of the class skills.

    That and the cat mount has some awesome ranged damage skills.

    I am glad this came up, because I really wanted to roll a cat, but of course was going to go with whatever side the guild had chosen.
  8. I wasn't going to say anything but I thought about one thing and thought I would throw it out there...I know I have heard several people say when Dwarves are introduced that they wanted to play Dwarf. I would think the Dwarves would reside in Nuia. As well the Bloodborn I believe they are called will be on Haranya. At least that is the feeling of most as to where they will be. But who really knows. That is all I have to contribute.
  9. I'm playing as a Nuian.
  10. Ricoxg

    Ricoxg DragonWolf

    My preference is for under-pop. I'd always rather fight in a target-rich environment.
    Plus, the advantages of not having to fight as hard from an industrial-point are factors as well.

    Besides, I just like doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. =)
  11. This poll is to gauge temperature. We should all get on TS tomorrow night and discuss it together and make a decision as a group before we make our final preparations for those in head start on Friday.
  12. I have no interest in playing haranya if you guys decided to play as that faction i understand but ill be playing as a Nuian on release day.
  13. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    Any specific time you want to jump on tomorrow and setup a meeting?
  14. Guess I'm the only one that's in-different. Once you armor up its not like your racing looks matter that much. Though did see some of the cats in nice plate and looked pretty cool.

    If Dwarves and Fairies are likely on the Nuian side though I would probably lean to them.
  15. Somewhere after 8 est should be fine.

    The 2 major points of contention are:
    1. Nuia: Previously established plan for those of us with founder's packs and attaining our land plots on headstart day one. This should not be taken lightly and should have a MAJOR role in determination. Getting our land for our guild established with a plan is paramount to our success. We have very little experience with the Haranya continent and will essentially have to wing it when it comes to placing our land. This is not desirable, but it is doable.
    2. Haranya: Population statistics seem to show that the Haranya continent will be less populated with established guilds. This means that there will be more land available at the start with less fighting over it. However, this is based only on those guilds who have stated which server/faction the intend to play on. There may be many more that have not made any such proclamation (like us).
    Another thing to keep in mind is that the differences between races and continents is all purely cosmetic. There are no initial stat bonuses. Everyone starts out the same.

    This whole idea came out of looking at these last minute population statistics and making an impromptu poll to gauge everyone's thoughts. This poll alone and the population statistics may not be enough of a difference to change our established day one plan of action. This is where the discussion comes into play.
  16. Zib


    I would much rather play as the "ugly" faction, most of the whiny ass kids always want to play as the "good" guys, not to mention all the cybering going on with the short skirt elf characters. I'll pass on that kind of crap.
  17. question. if say gaucho or whoever does not wish to choose the consensus of group, will he still be able to join us but in the later stages or is he stuck out on his own? I have not followed this much so sorry for ignorant question in advance
  18. Zib


    Its like the choice between horde and alliance from wow, so if gaucho doesn't want to play on the same side as us then he will not be able to play with us. If we decide east, like the poll is leading towards.
  19. There will be a chance later on to create a faction of our own...but not sure when that will be implemented or how it will work.

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