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Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Firez, 10 Dec 2013.

  1. Starbound is another indie game that's quite fun and worth the $15. Anyone playing?
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  2. While this game is interesting and I'll almost definitely get it soon, currently I'm slogging my way through Dark Souls for the first time and I'm having a hard time playing anything else!
  3. I picked up starbound seems neat. Only played a little so far.

    And ninjadude, Stay calm, and chug estus...
  4. If anyone is interested I have a small server up on my home pc for multiplayer fun - firez.servegame.org. Not sure how many people I can support on my own pc while playing the game but 3 has worked and I think I can do more. Come join me tonight @ 8pm EST if interested.
  5. Stay calm, and praise the sun.
    Currently stuck on/finding the best way to deal with Seath.

    Most bosses can be defeated by running around shooting ranged weapons into their faces, but I prefer finding out the best way to go up against them. Note: Behind Seath is not a place you want to be. Despite not actually HAVING any legs, he knows how to use what he does have back there better than any other creature in the game.
  6. Love the game... better than terraria... best Minecraft clone for me so far.

    Worth the money... if you want to save even more just wait for steam sales and get this one. Totally Worth :)
  7. I have it and like it so far

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