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The Avenger

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Shewolf, 13 Oct 2013.

  1. They released the in-engine asset from this latest patch, and it is still the sexiest ship ever made -_-


    That being said, there are some things about it some people might not like/be wanting in it if they are thinking of getting it. For one, the cockpit (at this point in development) is fixed, meaning you get in F-15 style, and you stay in during your flight in space.


    Most people were thinking (myself included) that it would be more open as the avenger as a nice sized cargo room in it, but this can only be accessed from the back.


    That being said, I still think it is a nice heavy fighter. I will admit I was looking forward to being able to throw a cot and case of beer into the back and go sleep it off for long voyages, but im happy with this as well, but if you are still bent on the cockpit/rest room combo, the 300i is your best bet. The other thing to mention on this though is that this is the duel seater model, they likely pushed this one out early as it is suppose to be used for the Squadron 42 training parts. The avenger otherwise is suppose to be a single seat unless you stick the tandem module in it. They /might/ make the single seater accessable to the cargo hold, but I don't find it likely due to the configuration of the ship as it is now, but you never know!

    Most people are saying that if your going to be all about dog-fighting and such, stick with a hornet or 300i as they have more meat on their bones for upgrades and fighting, but I still like the look of the Avenger...the choice...is yours.
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  2. This game does come with some very pretty pictures. This might be the sexiest ship I ever saw :)
  3. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Sexiest ship I ever saw? Tie Interceptor hands down.

    That being said, they market The Avenger as a bounty hunting ship. So it makes sense that they keep the pilot compartment 'separate' from the 'cargo'.
  4. Pictures? These are in-game shots :D Mine looks the exact same when I sit in it and pretend im flying -_-

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