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The Division

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Khorneholio, 11 Jun 2013.

  1. If this is what they dropped the new Rainbow 6 to focus on... I... I think I can actually forgive Ubisoft. This is GORGEOUS!

  2. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Wow, that looks great..

    I'm still REALLY wary about the new Xbox or PS4, not that I was a big used game person or anything, but I want to see how the changes they're going to make soak in before I decide on anything, though it seems the PS4 is winning the PR war right now..

    That said, I'm liking the direction consoles are going with more open world offerings like this, Destiny, Planetside.. Seems they're overcoming one of the big shortfalls of consoles, low player count..

    The Division looks awesome though.. :)
  3. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    This does look sweet! I'm liking the HUD and UI from what I see.
  4. May have to look into a PS4 for this one. Altho Im not a console gamer, this one looks sweet. XB1 is not an option for me.
  5. It's still rumored that it could appear on PC, but it hasn't been announced one way or another as of yet.
  6. A lot of the hype for most games this E3 was around the persistent need for extensions through mobile platforms. I suspect I will get a console version even if it doesn't get launched on PC; the question is, which one will that be...
  7. I'm surprised to hear you're still vacillating. The XBO is being roundly panned in the US, and I was under the impression that it was MUCH less loved in Europe.

    I haven't played a console game in months and I'm STILL considering a PS4. Lol
  8. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    :lol: Likewise Khorne
  9. Some people are turned on by the whole total entertainment center package of the Xbox One. For me I have never owned an Xbox, only Nintendos and Playstations so I will likely go with a PS4 as well.
  10. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Problem is (as a current X360 owner), I bought the 360 (and the xbox before that) to play games, the fact that I could watch TV on it was a happy coincidence.. I don't want a media player, I've got cheap appleTV that does all of that for me, AND I don't get the eye rolling from my fiance when we try to watch netflix and I have to use a game controller.. She's afraid I'm going to jump into a game of halo in the middle of a movie..

    Its the functionality I didn't need, the DRM I don't want, the Kinect I didn't ask for and could frankly care less about, all for $100 more.. I'll wait a little longer to see if anything changes, once the dust settles a bit; but ya, as a previous Microsoft owner and never having owned a playstation of any kind, I'm leaning heavily towards the PS4 atm. Microsoft really misjudged what the people want and/or will tolerate regarding their product and intentions on how we can use it; and Sony jumped all over them for it.

    Now that that's done, back on topic dammit!!!

    The Division is probably the best thing I've seen come along at E3, if they can pull it off, that little bit of creative difference between other games will really let it shine..
  11. You have to understand that I've been a user of Xbox consoles for many years compared to a majority of players here, far moreso than even the PS3 I also have. I'm a Halo player and as it's a platform-specific title, I can only play them on Xbox. Since my team are also developing our game for the Kinect One sensor we will need the console, though I suspect it's only the "Day One" edition that will be $499; at time of launch, all furture batches will probably drop to $425.

    I do agree, however, that Microsoft's time at E3 this year wasn't the most stellar offering they've put out, with the only games of interest besides ACIV: Black Flag to me were Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. Even when it came to Ryse, the obvious changes made to that game are a huge letdown.

    Like most people I will probably be ordering the PS4 first.
    Last edited: 17 Jun 2013
  12. It's a cheek that if you want it on PC, you have to ask for it.

    A studio's job is to anticipate what players want, not arbitrarily decide after a trailer debut if they're prepared to spend a few more millions; making it available on the most dominant platform.

    You also need to consider $500 isn't really a stretch. If people don't already have the PS3 they will have to purchase the new PS4 console, and then PS Move and EyeToy separately, which puts people back another $130 - that means Xbox One is about $30 cheaper out-of-the-box.
    Last edited: 17 Jun 2013
  13. UBISOFT has made it clear in the past that they are wary of the PC market due to piracy and would much rather not develop their games on that platform. So don't be surprised if the corporate big wigs ignore that petition no matter how many signatures it gets.
    Last edited: 18 Jun 2013
  14. There's piracy on all platforms; the fact that a company doesn't think it happens on consoles simply comes down to ignorance of the real world.

  15. Your not wrong, but at one point they claimed 95% of users of their PC games were playing pirated copies. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl...-many-pc-players-pay-for-f2p-as-boxed-product

    He isn't really going as far as saying he won't do PC games, but they definitely believe if it isn't F2P then 95% of the player base pirated it. So either they will be nice and give us Division as a F2P model, which will delay it release to us, or a very DRM heavy system using their own game platform like steam and origin, think it is called uplay.

    I hope they do release it, but if they wait a year or DRM the shit out of it, then I will pass on it. I don't like being considered a second rate gamer by developers and I won't support companies that treat us that way.
    Last edited: 20 Jun 2013
  16. I recall the last time Ubi did release a game with DRM - Settlers 7: Path to a Kingdom. Not only did DRM cause a lot of issues, they hadn't considered just how many servers would be needed to accommodate their playerbase...

    It was a pure disaster.
  17. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer


    One aspect of this game I'm really excited about is the whole companion app, being able to join in as a drone when you can't get to your computer.. If you happen to have an ipad and iphone at the same time, it could be as simple as getting a text from your buddy, making a mobile hotspot anywhere, jumping into the game on your tablet and taking part. Almost truly calling in air support :)

    "In a behind-closed-doors demo at E3, we saw the app in action. Not only did the drone serve as an eye in the sky – spotting and tagging hard-to-see foes – but it was able to buff allies (increasing their offensive damage) and debuff enemies (decreasing their shields). And heal, of course. Through its actions, the drone can also build up a resource meter, represented in this demo by an orange bar – and when the bar was full, the drone was able to launch a devastating missile strike from above.

    The companion app is fully real-time and can be played anywhere there’s an internet connection."

  18. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Got to admit that's pretty badass.
  19. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    I am not as tech savvy as the rest of you guys.

    But I have a hard time seeing an MMO type game being pirated easily.

    Just like WoW and all the other subscription based MMO's you cant pirate a game and play it. You have to register a serial number to your account to play online. (BTW, dont come and say anything about WoW's private server being free, that doesnt count because you still needed someone to host and from day to day that server could go down and you lost your work) Whereas a game like this would need dedicated servers.

    Even if this isnt a subscription based model, just require the serial number be tied to an account, bam, problem solved. That means you have to buy a game to be given a serial to play online. You cant hack a working serial number that needs to be registered.

    Am I not correct on this?

    I mean, I have played a pirated game once or twice in the past, but they were single player, and if they had a multi-player aspect I couldnt play as it had to be verified online.
    Last edited: 20 Jun 2013

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