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DragonWolves Newswire

by Sentrosi at 22:27
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Next Saturday, June 14th, we're going to have another LiveStream event brought to you by DriftingNitro and Sentrosi. Events kick off around 9pm EDT. We still have a few Arena Commander passes to give away. But we also have some limited edition in-game jackets to give away!

Sentrosi will be taking your questions and helping to facilitate the channel.
DriftingNitro will be your pilot, co-pilot and guide on another fun-filled episode.
Don't miss out!
by Sentrosi at 20:24
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We wanted to give each and every one of you a preview of what to expect with at least the dog fighting portion of this game. On June 7th starting at 9pm EDT our own DriftingNitro will livestream the Arena Commander module. I encourage each and every one of you who are wondering what this game may be like to watch DriftingNitro's stream and ask questions during the stream. We will have a few Arena Commander passes to give out to folks who drop by so you too can participate in what many of us think is the Best Damn Space Simulator Game Ever.

We will be on our home Twitch.tv Channel CDLDragonWolves
by Sentrosi at 19:27
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In a recent forum post, Zib had cross referenced an enterprising young fan of Star Citizen who was putting up a lore-based magazine. The following was from the Subscriber forum post:

by Hamma at 13:53
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We have official re-launched our YouTube channel! With it I'm proud to debut two new videos, one of which is an overall intro to the DragonWolves and the other an intro to our new Star Citizen Division!

Click through to check out our Star Citizen preview as well as subscribe to our channel.
by Sentrosi at 19:44
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On April 10th myself and about 1500 Star Citizens will get a first look at what RSI will be releasing to the public at PAX East this year. The event will take place at the Royale Theater in Boston from 8pm til 12pm with Subscribers and Concierge holders being able to enter an hour ahead of time. Rumors are is that they will be debuting the Dogfighting module and hopefully will have some stations set up so we can get our hands on it.

I'm looking forward to attending this event and will even try my hand at live tweeting as well. I hope that there are others who have visited this website before who are going as well. I would like to see you there and hang out.
by Sentrosi at 15:13
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After about a month of work, I'm proud to announce that we have officially gone public with our organization! Check out the thread here.

We are now in the Organization Thread. My hope is that we update this thread with personnel acquisitions and promotions. We also want to keep the discussions in there light and not very deep. If they need additional questions they should be steered toward any of the officers. We can probably answer any questions they may have.

The poster design could not have been started without Scrub reaching out to Sun6 on the RSI forums. Once those two touched base with each other several prototypes were submitted. All the officers had a say in the design of the poster. In the end we came up...
by Sentrosi at 20:03
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Hello citizens!

My name is Sentrosi and I'm the CEO of DragonWolves Incorporated. It's been my privilege to wear many hats with the DragonWolves for over ten years. I've lead divisions from our Battlefield 2 Competition Team to, more recently, Planetside 2. I've met such wonderful people here and developed good friends and great memories here. My main goal with this game is to make sure every member has fun. The 'verse in Star Citizen is vast. No one has ever undertaken an effort to deliver a full-on space simulator like this before. I want to do everything that I feel will be fun, and I want you to come along with me. What this means is that you won't be tied down to one specific task. One day you may want to make runs with your Caterpillar to the Davien System. The next, you may want...