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We have official re-launched our YouTube channel! With it I'm proud to debut two new videos, one of which is an overall intro to the DragonWolves and the other an intro to our new Star Citizen Division!

Click through to check out our Star Citizen preview as well as subscribe to our channel.
The DragonWolves forums and website have officially been upgraded to Xenforo! There are some pretty massive changes so there's a chance people could run into issues with permissions or access. We believe we have fixed most of it but if you are having issues with anything be sure to post in the comments.

Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think!
We are happy to announce that our Upcoming Games forum is now open to the public! We have discussed this many times in the Officers Corps and determined that it's in our best interest to foster discussion from across the Internet about upcoming games that our team has interest in.

So drop by the forums today and start participating!
I write this post in remembrance of a former long time member, and Honorary Charter of the Dragon Wolves.

Mark "Marsman" Marston passed away early this morning after his health took a turn for the worst. He served this team for over 10 years through multiple games and divisions. He served as our first Tactical Assets Officer providing us with the tools we needed to be successful as a team.

But most importantly he was a friend who was loyal to this team, this family for many years.

As Marsman said many times before "You can bury me in my snows" a reference to our teams famous snow skins from Tribes.

Rest in Peace Marsman.
8/12/1959 - 9/30/2013