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And if you can believe it....

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by KaozReign, 28 Aug 2011.

  1. .....the uncoothe redneck is alive....and (wait for it and please be seated), getting married in 6 months. To boot, I'll have a step daughter.

    Scared yet? :D
  2. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    Congrats Reign!

    Good to hear from ya. :thumbsup:
  3. Jennyboo

    Jennyboo Public Relations Officer Officer

    Wonderful !!! grats and hello
  4. Yes Congrats and agreed... good to see ya! :D
  5. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    You're not getting married.
    Where's my damn wedding invite?

    Until I'm invited to your wedding, you're not getting married.

    Oh, and hey there stranger.
  6. Figures Sent would be resentful...you old fart!

    Wait, dammit I'm older...I think.
  7. Reign, I'm glad to see you've been out there living life. Seeing you around, and knowing your happy makes the day better.
  8. Tbeast

    Tbeast Recruitment Officer Officer Elder

    Grats and :hi:
  9. TB sorry to have bailed on you in WoW - burned out on the game and a few people in that Aggramar guild we were in.

    Mani, will be sending you a PM here shortly addressing a few things.

    Sent - check your PM's scrub boy!
  10. Tbeast

    Tbeast Recruitment Officer Officer Elder

    its np , just a member there if i play and didnt like how they started to do instaces etc.
  11. I was the only DK tank in that guild and never did get the respect I thought I earned by being the guild's only non-traditional tank (hell I even was one of the FEW server wide dual wielding dk tanks for awhile at that). That and the current GM wasn't exactly playing with a box full of crayons to begin with. When a game stops being fun it's way past time to step back and uninstall the game, wouldn't you all agree?

    Anyway it's good to see you all again and when PS2 busts out be sure you'll see me more often.
  12. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Can I please get an admin to delete all those posts I made in General and WoW forums about KR and his penchant for embarassing public nudity youtube videos, and farm animal escapades? Hamma, can you get on that please? :p

    Oh... and, hey Reign! (congrats on getting married)
  13. Hell let them stay there Asp - not like I have the access to those sections anymore. Plus, let them serve as a reminder for what excessive beer and urging by Sentrosi will lead a redneck to get into.

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