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Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 13 Jun 2017.

  1. We've got Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 launching sometime in the next fortnight, and Destiny 2 in October, so our gaming couldn't get any more complicated... or could it?! This is where EA|Bioware's new title, Anthem, comes in.

    Announced as the final game of the Microsoft Press Conference at E3, here's what we know:
    • It has a massive open world, maybe even bigger than that of Destiny 2;
    • Up to four players in a group can assume the role of Freelancers, people hired to leave Fort Tarsus and enter the wilderness to complete contracts for its populace;
    • In addition to gear that enemies might drop, contracts reward you and your friends with materials to upgrade your collection of "Javelins" - powered exosuits each with their own capabilities, which you can adapt to leap, climb or even fly.
    • As you seek out treasures or battle marauders, every choice you make will influence you, the world and the fight against a ruthless enemy wanting to extinguish Humanity.
    Here is the E3 Gameplay Reveal:

    And the Official Trailer:

    Currently retailers are only listing it for Xbox One and Playstation 4, but it will also be available for PC - all slated for release this December.
  2. Oh, I will be playing the hell out of this! And it's from the "good" Bioware studio. As for the release date, everything I'd heard was fall 2018.
  3. Damonke

    Damonke DragonWolf

    Too many badass looking games coming down the pipe. Not enough time...
  4. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Will definitely be checking this one out, looks amazing. May even skip Destiny for it.
  5. Damonke

    Damonke DragonWolf

    I don't think there's going to be much overlap, it's not releasing until fall 2018 as per the official web site.
  6. Sorry, that was my fault - I think this game is where all the people fixing ME:Andromeda went to.
  7. So this weekend is the Anthem Beta for VIPs, and then 1st to 3rd Feb is the Public Beta. However, if you happened to score a VIP invite from your favourite Twitch/YouTube streamer, congratulations:cheers:

    Players start at Level 10 with the Ranger class, and reaching Level 12 will allow you to unlock another... for the demo, you can go up to Level 15. There is a Story Mission you can complete, a Stronghold (meant for high-level teams), and a series of side quests you can do in Freeplay mode. You can also fully customise your armor with loot discovered from chests in the world, and your paintjob:


    Anybody who plays VIP will receive an exclusive Vinyl Pattern for use in the final game with all Javelin classes, and progression will carry over to the Public Beta. Please note those on PC will require an EA Origin account.
    Last edited: 26 Jan 2019
  8. An update from Bioware has been posted about the furious bugs. Click the link below if you want to read it:


    For those who did manage to participate today, however, you will now receive two exclusive Vinyl Patterns for your Javelins, when the game launches 22nd Feb:

  9. Due to continued issues with accessing Freeplay mode, Bioware have just now unlocked ALL 4 Javelin classes in the VIP Beta...

    If you don't see them unlocked for your account, quit the game and restart it.
    Last edited: 27 Jan 2019
  10. same ole EA............
  11. Here is the blog for upcoming changes to the demo:


    There have been plans to conduct scale testing this week - including a playtest scheduled tomorrow at the Guildford office, which I'm skipping due to illness - before the Open Beta begins 1st Feb.
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  13. Very very pleased with this game. I've played the shit out of both weekend demos. It's like a cross between: Destiny, the division, monster hunter world, and Diablo. A few technical bugs during the demos but nothing more than I've been used to for any new online game. Anyone who wants to play, feel free to look me up. I'll be in game Feb 15th. Khorneholio.
  14. The ever-faithful Datto has published a few videos this week about

    He has other videos about the game, but many are spoilers of future content, so you can review them on his YouTube channel if you wish.
  15. So late last week, Bioware announced a series of improvements or changes expected since the events of the Beta. These are divided into four categories as "at launch", "in-development" as a minor patch, in a "major update" with an unknown timetable, or "not planned"...

    Spectator Camera: in-development
    Waypoints: in-development
    Mass Salvage option: at launch
    Post-Expedition Destinations (Fort Tarsis or Launch Bay): at launch
    Class/Weapon Balancing: at launch
    Loading Times: at launch
    Sprint and Walk Speeds: at launch
    Stronghold completion-updates: at launch
    Kick Player (for AFK users): not planned - but alternatives are being considered
    Disconnects: at launch - any gear/XP earned before that point in Freeplay and Expeditions will be saved

    Private Session option for Freeplay: major update/not planned - still in debate internally
    Training Room: major update/not planned - again, in debate
    Private space for Guilds: major update/not planned - no info on this
    Photo Mode: not planned - consensus is consoles have this already, and there are plenty of PC apps for it

    AFTER "DAY 1"
    Statistics for Expeditions: in-development
    More cosmetics: in-development (across all areas)
    Sponsored/Branded cosmetics for eSports: in-development
    Dynamic Time of Day: in-development
    Matchmaking for Story Missions: at launch
    More Freeplay Activities: in-development
    Story Credits: not planned - upon completion of main campaign, Story will continue via subsequent major updates
    Cataclysms: major update - essentially "Raids", these may support multiple Fireteams

    Last but not least, for those who missed it, the Launch Trailer was deployed on Friday:


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