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Discussion in 'The Dragon Wolves Recruitment Forum' started by Oakfist, 31 Mar 2005.

  1. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    Hello All, This is Oakfist (currently a lev32 Dorf hunter). I am applying because I started playing this game after leveling up a Dorf Monk lev50 on Everquest2 (got tired because the end game is non-existent at the moment). I used to be a member of CDL back when City of Heroes came out (and we all know how long that game got old). I then jumped on Everquest 2 bandwagon since the original had such a cult following and I was hoping it would be amazing (alas it was not true) And already in my brief 32 levels on here I have found it is alot more fun playing WoW. ;)
    I also know that like Everquest, one does need a strong guild behind him to succeed in the end game (my guild on Everquest2 "was" number one on server in guild level, until we lost a few higher members due to the same reason I have converted). But enough about that, a little about me. My name is Eddie, my RL freind is one whom ya'll know as Moldo in game (he can vouch for me, I am trouble j/k). :eek: I have played Delta Force online games since the original, played CoH, play-played Everquest2, among various single player RPG's I have played countless numbers of them. My real life character works at a Japanese Motorcyle Shop as service manager. So their is my boring life in a nutshell, evaluate as you wish.
    BTW, I am curently in a guild only because after getting random guild invites at very weird times in game, I finally accepted one just so the random ones would not pop up every so often.
    Last edited: 12 Apr 2005
  2. Greets and Welcome :)
  3. Don't feed the Migs
  4. Sputters

    Sputters DragonWolf<br>Invisible Shorts<br>AKA Black DragonWolf

    They cause agro
  5. welcome back to the boards... I'm not sure if you really need to go through the whole process again since you played with us in CoH. Hopefully a recruiter can fill you in on that.

    Either way, good luck! cya ingame
  6. Omg!!!! Black and Cyrus teaming up on me now ?????? *sniffs* and here i thought you actually were my friends! *cry* no <3 i tell ya, just no <3
    I just dont see how i can be held responsible for the hidden aggro tree of the mig, it seems like everytime i spend on talent point, three get spent in the aggro tree!!! blizzard really needs to fix this exploited bug!
  7. *shameless bump* :D
  8. hehe .. <3 ya mold ;) (helps the shamelessbumpalong) COME on TB and ARG!!! :) and Donkey!
  9. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    You have overpowered the Druish community Migs.
  10. hmm.. i may have to break out my cute adorable whip should this outbreak continue agianst me in such a fashion!
  11. .... I won't say a word... this time.
  12. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    To Castle Anthrax!
  13. Oooo spank me next!
  14. It is too perilous!

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