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Application for recruitment

Discussion in 'The Dragon Wolves Recruitment Forum' started by TrailRix, 30 Apr 2003.

  1. Planetside Terran Republic player, and would like to be part of a good outfit, I have seen you guys in action in game.

    Before I played Tribes 2, ALOT as every type of class on all the popular west coast servers, and before Tribes 1.. then renegades tribes 1 mod, I also have played, every good FPS out there, Also played EQ,AC,Daoc,etc so generally a good all around player at anything I can sink my teeth in.

    Clans I have been in, in the past have been pretty good such as DFA, for Half life dm, and TFC, DIVISION for TFC, TDK for CS, DoP(domain of pain) for Frontline force(Old leader of DoP is frank nuccio, the guy who owns the CAL(miniCPL) league.. he would vouch for me, IN tribes 2 I have been invited for some good clans but I had to decline cause of school work at the time.

    Anyways I would love to be a part of your guys group, I idle in your IRC channel and in PSU channel, so if you need to contact me feel free to pm me there.. or by icq,aim, email in my profile :hi:
  2. Tbeast

    Tbeast Recruitment Officer Officer Elder

    :hi: and Welcome

    Thx for the app and ill write your name downa dn let ya knwo when recruiting begins :)

    hopefully see ya in game sometime
  3. Om

    Om DragonWolf

    Hello Mr. TrailRix. Welcome to CDL forums!
  4. Greetings.



    TM Winterknight
  5. Hi there :hi: :groovy:
  6. hail!!

    oh...wait...wrong game...

  7. Guten Tag :hi:

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