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Been a while...

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Fox, 9 Sep 2004.

  1. It’s been a while, and things have changed. Those days of never being able to play may finally be over for me, as I have just begun my freshman year of college. We’ll see how that develops.

    I’ve been thinking about the CDL a lot lately. Maybe it’s because I saw some of you while playing Tribes 2 over the summer. Maybe it’s because I got my hands on the Tribes: Vengeance Beta. Or maybe it’s because Mijahu’s been pestering my lazy ass to join up again. Perhaps I’m just being overly nostalgic, looking for something that I once, and still do, hold cherished as I venture into the college world.

    Whatever the reason, I felt quite obligated to at least poke my head up from my foxhole and say hello. Even though I know that the Dragonwolves will always have a spare set of armor for me, I still feel as if I’m encroaching upon something that has moved on without me [to even greater heights,] and that I would only be hindering the progress by trying to come back now. I no longer have the skill that I once did, meager as it was, in almost any game that the Dragonwolves play. Sure, I play America’s Army, and I do have M-24 and M-82 certification, but anyone can do that if they are willing to put the time into it / edit a few AA files. And, aside from the sniping, I’m usually used as a human shield when it comes down to it.

    You know what, let’s start over: Hello everyone! There are probably a few of you that remember me, many of you have no idea who I am. I used to be active in the Tribes 1 / 2 games with the CDL before time issues [also known as homework / parents] brought my gaming to a relative halt, forcing me to take a very long, entirely unwated vacation from the CDL. Now that I’m in college [Go Blue!], I hope to start playing alongside the honorable CDL once again and to help in any way that I can to assure the victory of the Dragonwolves over their foes in battle.

    Much better. Now all I need to do is get started on writing up an application. [Shouldn’t be as hard as the one to get into college was!]

    As Always, a Dragonwolf Now and Forever,
  2. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    No application needed, go get your armor on and get into a squad, Dragon Wolf!
    Welcome back, Fox! :D
  3. Tbeast

    Tbeast Recruitment Officer Officer Elder

    :hi: Fox
  4. Welcome back and let me know if you want to play AA with us. :D
  5. Sputters

    Sputters DragonWolf<br>Invisible Shorts<br>AKA Black DragonWolf

    Welcome back Fox
  6. Heya Fox, good to see you're around again, hope college goes well. Freshman year is a blast.

  7. Ingwë

    Ingwë DragonWolf<BR>The Goose!

    Hey fox, welcome back man!
  8. Bastion (K)

    Bastion (K) <font color="red">World of Warcraft Division</font

    Good to see ya Fox , been since T-1 last time i saw ya playin ...

  9. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    I take it that you are a Wolverine up in Ann Arbor?
  10. Or maybe Duke? :)
  11. Yup. Up in Ann Arbor now. Nice and beautiful here...until the winter, that is.
  12. :hi:

    Ahhhhh freshman year at college ....:blink: :blink:...that's right...I don't really remember the first year of college... :cheers: :drunk:
  13. Nice to meet ya....used to know a fox that lived in Wixom.......oh well...welcome back :)
  14. :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:

    winter ain't nothing where you go to school
  15. Ain't my fault you went 100 miles north past Michigan's 'Civilization Ends Here' line to go to college, Mij :p
  16. LOL...it get cold in Wayland but I wouldn't even like to imagin what its like around the aplena or the up
  17. I'm a few hundred miles past alpena ... heh I go to school in Houghton, MI pretty close to being the northmost point in the michigan UP.


    There's a lot of snow but the temperature isn't too bad. Superior seems to moderate the weather a bit. Marquette gets it 10x worse than us, every time I drive through that place after November 1st it's a blizzard.
    Last edited: 9 Sep 2004
  18. See? 100 miles past the line :p

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