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City of Heroes

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by JetRaiden, 23 Oct 2004.

  1. Hello again guys. Just thought you guys should know my newly aquired City of Heroes info:

    name: KatanaRaiden
    type: Scrapper

    I just got out of the tutorial zone like yesterday, so Im still like lvl 2. still, I'd like to see some familiar faces in game. :)
  2. Oed


    Will look you up!
  3. Sputters

    Sputters DragonWolf<br>Invisible Shorts<br>AKA Black DragonWolf

    What he said :D
  4. Aye I used to run a Storm/Elect defender (hit 42 the other night) but have since switched to a Fire/Kinetics controller (soon to be level 19) named Southern Fyre. Looks us up and we'll try to get you going. Scrappers can generally solo until around level 10 or so with no problems - especially the regens - but those of us on Victory have plenty of low level toons to begin with.

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