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Destiny 2

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 30 Mar 2017.

  1. Last night, a first look at Curse of Osiris was done by the team at Bungie. A recorded video is not yet available (but will be updated later), so the link to the Twitch livestream has been provided:


    In other news, Razer is having another Double Cap Weekend, starting on Fri 17th Nov 12:00 AM PDT and ending Mon 20th Nov 12:00 AM PDT. During this time, users of Razer Cortex will be able to earn 1,800 zSilver on Destiny 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, Hearthstone and Paladins.
  2. If you haven't viewed the livestream yet, it is now available on YouTube:

    If you have, however, here is a clean version of the cinematic intro for Curse of Osiris:

  3. Tonight Bungie hosted the second of three reveal livestreams for Curse of Osiris. This week, the following information was covered:
    • An exclusive, modular space for a Mercury-specific Public Event;
    • How the "Vex Weapon Forge" post-campaign rewards work using the Lighthouse social area;
    • All strikes in the expansion will appear first as Story Strikes in the campaign;
    • A live demo of an adventure in the Vex's procedural labyrinth, "The Infinite Forest".
    [UPDATE] This week's livestream is now available below:

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  4. Howdy! I keep considering this one, but have a couple of things holding me back.

    How active are CDL members?

    What is the primary platform? (I'd prefer PC especially since then my kid can own the consoles, but xbone is an option)

    Happy belated Thanksgiving btw
  5. The primary platform for the clan is PC... I am currently on XB1 but can still contribute XP (5,000 per class) to upgrade clan rewards, which are shared cross-platform even if you can't play that way. Thus far I've been able to contribute about three weeks worth of full XP.
  6. Awesome. Ended up with digital deluxe for $67.50 through humble store. See you online in December!
  7. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Nil, great to see ya!
    We're planning on having clan nights be Wednesday nights starting at around 8:30pm. Similar to what we did in the past when we just hopped on Discord and figured out what to do. Primarily though, get up to 20. Concentrate on that. Shouldn't take you long to get up there. Once there we can start doing fireteams and bundled quests together like the Rat King Quest (Which I have to start yet) then progress into Fireteams. Once we get a few Fireteam runs under our belt I'm hoping we can start tackling raid content.
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  8. The quest for Rat King isn't as annoying as it is for MIDA Multi-Tool; killing Cabal whilst in mid-air completes that stage the fastest, then it's just finishing the raid.
  9. So, as you may have heard a "Free to Play" demo launched on Cyber Monday, hot on the heels of the Black Friday discounts...

    it never ceases to amaze me how they stupid they can be when scheduling stuff - by right, they should've posted that BEFORE the discounts so people could take advantage of it!
  10. I'm sure people were expecting to see what armor would be coming with the new expansion, only to hear the stream was cancelled.

    "So, what went wrong?" I hear you ask. Remember the Double XP offered before and during Black Friday weekend? Supposedly players were expected to earn Bright Engrams more by giving access to higher tier gear faster; unfortunately this update didn't perform well, so they had to scale up how much XP was being provided. This is then where the problems began, as Bungie had secretly included XP scaling as well.

    Discovered and detailed in a video diary, a player basically found the time required to earn XP had been artificially doubled, depriving them of about 1.5 Bright Engrams over a 3hr gaming session. The community was annoyed at first, expecting it to be nothing more than a bug, until the unthinkable happened... Bungie told everyone the scaling had been deliberate - partly done so their agreement with Activision supported sales of certain content (especially Bright Engrams) for real cash.

    With all the controversy in the wake of Battlefront II's own arguments about "pay-2-win" loot boxes, shortly thereafter there was huge outcry in the Destiny 2 community. Bungie then obviously deactivated this feature and cancelled the stream, issuing in its place a public apology and a November podcast on iTunes, in an effort to explain their actions. Personally, however, I think Luke Smith has become an absolute, self-obssessed dick whenever talking about the game.

    So, below is a short preview trailer for the stream, even though the stream itself may not appear at all:

    A "State of Destiny 2" article now exists to comprehensively detail what's coming in December and those proposed in January 2018, which can also be reviewed using this link.
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  11. Apparently there was a bug with Prometheus Lens that was fixed with 1.1.1, only to be replaced with an exploit. Whenever you use mostly this weapon, you earn Illuminated Engrams faster... a LOT faster (so far I've earned two within an hour)!

    Better make use of it while you can, because it will probably be nerfed by Tuesday.
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  12. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Bungie is crazy slow at hot fixing things. That weapon was decimating people in under a second in PVP and they leave it in for a week :lol:
  13. Had I had the time I would've partaken in it, even if to complete the Trials milestones; alas, coursework intervened...

    They had told us back in May that Trials and Raids would be allowed through Matchmaking, and then they changed their minds after they'd gained so many pre-orders. Pro tip: Bungie is no longer the trustworthy developer they were when they made Halo.
  14. Destiny 2 is 50% off dring the Easter holiday period.
  15. With Season 3 of events for Destiny 2 kicking off this week, Bungie has released a new ViDoc about what's to come, and it's going to be one of those "that's no moon" moments!

    In the next expansion, Shadowkeep, players come back to the Moon to find much has changed. As an old friend returns, so too do the ghosts of Guardians' pasts, when dark Vanguard secrets are unearthed.

    Armor 2.0 brings gear we can finally customise to suit our needs without sacrificing aesthetic. New "boss finishing moves" for each Guardian class. Cross-save allows transfer of characters across platofrms, and back again. Destiny 2 comes to Steam and Google Stadia... and, the Destiny 1 saga and most of Destiny 2 leading up to Shadowkeep becomes free-roam with a la carte purchasing of ccontent.

    Check out everything in store in the ViDoc below:

    Watch the new teaser trailer:

    Or pre-order Shadowkeep now here (note previous expansions are not required to play). There is also a Collector's Edition available, including the physical Collector's content without a game code, available direct from the Bungie Store:

    US Store - https://bungiestore.com/collections/collectors-edition

    EU Store Beta (yeah, they actually made a site for EU customers) - https://eu.bungiestore.com/collections/frontpage

    [UPDATE] Here is a livestream from yesterday (6th June) of interviews leading up to the new expansion - no spoilers exist beyond the trailer or ViDoc:

    Here is also the Stadia announcement:

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