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Elders Scrolls Online: Summerset

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 22 Mar 2018.

  1. A new expansion for Elder Scrolls Online is launching in May after the successful "Morrowind" expansion launched last year:

    Called Summerset, players will explore a new location, the Summerset Isles; home to the High Elves, where they can play a new storyline, join the Psijic Order for the first time in an Elder Scrolls game, a new 12-player Trial, new skill trees, and more.



    Those who pre-purchase any physical edition before May 21st will receive a special "Queens Bounty Pack" and a new mount, the Nightmare Senche, which will be made accessible on launch day. For a limited time, however, users who pre-purchase any digital edition/upgrade of Summerset will also receive the Morrowind chapter free of charge, and access to the Nightmare Senche immediately.


    If you have yet to play, a digital Elder Scrolls Online Collection - containing the ESO base game, the Morrowind chapter, the Summerset chapter, and ESO Gold Edition including all DLC (but no collector's edition content) - is also available now on the ESO Store and Xbox/PS4 Store, where purchases before May 21st will receive the Queens Bounty Pack and Nightmare Senche mount.

    Free Play Week
    Finally, from March 21st thru 27th, users can play ESO free with a gift of 500 Crowns (premium currency) for use in the ingame Crown Store. Installations will require at least 80GB of storage space and a free Elder Scrolls Online account. Click here to begin. If you have played a free week event before, all content you earned then will be accessible until the event is concluded, or you purchase the game...

    This event includes a Summerset Prologue Quest by acquiring the free "Mage's Message Stone" from the Crown Store, and using it in your inventory to activate it. Any users able to complete this quest will receive a "Wyrd Elemental Plume" momento.
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