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EVE broke 28000...

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Aeternus, 14 Aug 2006.

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  2. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    I'd hate to have been transferring Bookmarks then :eek:

    Amazing that it can handle all that..
  3. heh...yeah...

    they're still working at ridding the universe of those BM's (or so they say)...many a player will weep when that day comes

    on one of the EVE TV interviews they did, Oveur said that some people have over 100,000 bm's...that's crazy.
  4. I have recently started playing due to a friend at my work turning me on to the game. Eve is a massive game to step into and at the same time it also appeals to me due to the fact that you can go anywhere if you have the time of course.
  5. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    :eek: Thats pretty awesome.
  6. 6,000,000+ subscribers >> 28,000 on the same shard

    However, I've actually wanted to check out Eve and a 14 day free trial seems like just the thing :)
  7. Brokentusk

    Brokentusk DragonWolf

    I have a BM about once a day. However I will assume you are talking about a slightly different one.

    How much is it like Freespace? That's a game I really miss.
  8. BM=bookmark=a spot in space that you marked in order to warp to it to decrease transit time or for the purpose of creating a 'safe spot' outside the normal traffic lanes in a system, often times to escape pirates (pvpers)

    i'm afraid i was never able to play Freespace, although I remember seeing the game in stores. If you ever heard of an old game called ELITE, then EVE is much like that w/regards to its scope - you can do anything you want. One thing that EVE is not is a space simulator. Space combat is not point and shoot using a joystick. It is more tactically oriented w/regards to the use of specialized modules and weapons that you equip your ship with. You do target other ships and can definately blow them up a myriad of ways, but its not a simulator.
  9. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Yea basic short range navigation consists of double click in a direction and off you go :D
  10. oh...and i'm glad you're regular Brokentusk :)
  11. The point is that EVE houses everyone on 1 shard where as WoW can't help but run multiple instances on hundreds of servers housing a much smaller number of players. And I think its cool that everyone that plays EVE, plays it in the same world.

    edit: and if you wanted the trial, u can try the second link. If i doesn't work, post or pm a player your email - unless they already know it - so they can send u a buddy pass invite key.
    Last edited: 15 Aug 2006
  12. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Yea I agree, that was one of the things I thought was the coolest when I started up.
  13. Brokentusk

    Brokentusk DragonWolf

    Freespace was much more tactical. Freespace 2 was pretty excellent too.

    I remember the first time I played 2 I was flying between two ginourmous cruisers. Epic in scale and they were not the biggest thing in the game.

    I just came off of one of them, flying along it's surface dodging protrusions and having a blast. As I circled to make another run, the game reminded me it was a war zone. A blast of energy at least 4 times wider than my ship filled the screen. So close I swear I could feel the heat off the monitor. The big boys had gotten into range of each other. You suddenly feel very puny when that happens. We're not talking the occasional burst, it is constant and you are in a panic to keep from getting instantly vaporized.

    My son is laughing his ass off. He said I was leaning into the monitor and there was no light but a faint glow. He said the room lit up when the first shot happened and illuminated total panic on my face.

    That is the experience I want back.
  14. There's a game that I've heard about in passing that may be similar, though I can't say I've played it... X3:Reunion. Be warned however, it does use Starforce protection, so if u use any emulation software, it won't work if u've got ths game installed....or is it the other way around....not sure.
  15. Brokentusk

    Brokentusk DragonWolf

    Excellent. I will give it a shot after the internet fairies sprinkle my DSL to life.

    The phone is on, the rest better be on today or I will have a seizure.
  16. It wouldn't be so cool if they were putting 6 million people in the same world.

    Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggg :p
  17. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Agreed. :lol:

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