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Find it, Fight there, Fa cryin out loud!

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by 45 semi, 7 Sep 2002.

  1. [​IMG]
    Stop by and check out some maps that arent the same old ones everywhere else!
  2. for new maps and new speed, come play classic... ooooooh it makes me happy.
    Fling :D
  3. semi, The only thing im playing right now is Classic mod, which when it releases will be the big thing. The only other time I play T2 and don't play classic I play on RT east.
    Fling :D
  4. mtx

    mtx Official Decepticon

    Let me guess.. Classic somehow mimics T1? :rolleyes:
  5. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Pretty much. I have dubbed it "wahmod" all the whining has finally produced a mod.
  6. Yes Mtx, skiing is more like T1, and its supposedly faster than T1... I suppose its possible.

    I enjoy it very much.
    Fling :D
  7. mtx

    mtx Official Decepticon

    Well that's good. T2 wouldn't have been so bad if it had those T1 qualities. While I enjoyed the hell out of the vehicles the feeling of slow movement and gheyness of flying long periods of time were a real turnoff. It felt like it slowed the action in the game and the disklauncher took away the pride of an MA.

    How many servers are there for T2 now? 1000?
  8. neat picture mtx

    i havent played this new mod for t2 yet.

    im too lazy to make another install of t2. i'll wait until 'the man' makes me dl it onthe updater.
  9. mtx

    mtx Official Decepticon


    Who's the man?

    I'm the man! :cool:

    I just killed 11 guys in one round of CS. Always watch your back...
  10. The man would be sierra. This mod is going to be released with the new, and final patch. There are around 600 t2 servers I think.
    Fling :D
  11. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

  12. cs is for girls.
    Fling :D
  13. mtx

    mtx Official Decepticon

    I don't cheat. I just went through the underpass, wiped out the two fools covering it, and took them all from the rear. :hump: . When you got a silencer on your M4 no one hears their cries.

    How long has CS been around? How long T2 been around?

    Hah here's mud in your eye!

    T2 had the potential to be the best game ever but it was prematurely released. Thus it fell into the void before reaching full potential. Last time I bought that game I had to look on the discount shelf.
  14. Who cares which one has been out longer, or for that matter which one is better. CS IS FOR GIRLS!!!! So just keep on playing your pink game.
    Fling :D
  15. mtx

    mtx Official Decepticon

    I will *grabs pink M4-A1* you're a stupidhead and you fly around like crazed fairy throwing frisbees of death at your friends. :D
  16. CS is for llamas like my little brother. He's unimaginably l33t at CS, but couldn't handle playing T2 for his life (he runs around with the chaingun in spawn armor...go figure).
  17. mtx

    mtx Official Decepticon

    I like the realizum of CS. The action is a lot more intense and its limits make it more difficult than tribes. You can't just fly away from a battle. There is no godlike vehicle/weapon that ensures a high kill count. When you die you are dead for the rest of the round so people can't respawn and kill you. Your stats aren't just how many people you have killed but how many times you have died thus giving a more accurate account of your skill.

    I used to like tribes a lot but T2 just flunk the quality test for me. It doesn't have that actionpacked feeling tribes had. If you like it that's cool it's just not for everybody. I don't know why I come around here anymore. I guess it is to see the old T1 guys but it seems like everytime I come here there is something else missing. Like all the old guard are leaving. :(

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