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Guild Wars 2

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by NuclearMessiah, 25 Mar 2013.

  1. Not looking for anything serious as I am committed to Planetside 2 for the foreseeable future.

    However I do like this game and would actually like to find at least one other person to quest with. Anyone play the game?
  2. I have it...haven't played in a while
  3. I never played much, the guild I was in was 95% European and the 5% that were from North America were never on.

    @Faith, you can play with me, but I don't expect you to feel obligated since you're going to be splitting your time between PS2 and Neverwinter.
  4. No problem Ash...been meaning to pick up playing again. I will especially have time until Neverwinter is launched. I quit playing because I never had anyone to play with...it's no fun solo.
  5. Well you can add me NuclearMessiah.9503

    When we get a chance we can start a couple of chars together.
  6. Faithstrike.6952 is me
  7. TheBladeRoden.4570 though I had the misfortune of not jumping on the last 50% off sale
  8. Ok I have an empty character slot now. What classes are you guys wanting to play?
  9. I think I may try out a Necro this time around, they were kinda broke back when I first started playing. Perhaps they are fixed now. I will probably run a Charr.
    Last edited: 26 Mar 2013
  10. I just deleted my Necro last night..lol..Do we all want to run the same race or just pick somewhere to hookup and run?
  11. As long as noone is upset that they are not doing their story they can just meet up at one of our starter areas.

    I don't know what I will play, can't quite decide.
    Last edited: 26 Mar 2013
  12. Perhaps we should pick a day to link up, this weekend is out for me since its double XP in PS2.
  13. How about tonight? We could at least get our starting area figured out and get characters started if nothing else. Then we can go from there.
  14. Yeah I should be good for tonight. I will loiter around TS when I am online today.
  15. The only thing I do not want to do is play Asura. Can't stand the starter area there...lol
  16. Well that's fine, If I chose to play one then I can just come to your starter area :)

    I love Norn, but I have done their starter area so many times it is a bore now.
  17. Yeah I like the Norn as well...have 2 of them. I know the Charr stuff has changed but I haven't looked at all the others. If we are all running around together then I might could handle an Asura. But I tried it solo once and didn't care for it much. Got lost and ran in circles alot...lol.
  18. I thought the human area was nifty, at least the city portion
  19. Yeah Human area is good..only ran it once so far. I am pretty good with anything basically. I just go with the flow.
  20. Ok Fun hiccup. The server my last 2 are located on Ft Aspenwood, if I want to move servers it will cost me money or I can delete my 2 remaining chars and move on for free.

    I guess we could pick a server and guest onto it, can always pay later.
    Last edited: 27 Mar 2013

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