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Guild Wars 2

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by NuclearMessiah, 25 Mar 2013.

  1. We will figure out something..lol
  2. Made a norn thief, got bored of waiting around.
  3. Went out ot eat after work and fell asleep on the couch when I got back
  4. Yeah definitely...If you haven't played the Thief yet I think you will like it. It is very much dependent on keeping your gear up to level as possible to keep your DPS up. But it is fun to play.
  5. I have played him off and on, but never seriously. I do like the fast paced feeling of him.
  6. Well when you hit about level 12-15 you will start to see your dps and survivability change...then again around 18-22...but if you get the proper weapon upgrades as well as Armor you will be fine. Now you might be lucky enough to get the drops but I had to buy about 2/3 of my stuff to keep up with the mobs.

    I also went into areas where quests/mobs were 2-3 levels higher than me quite a bit...lol.
    Last edited: 28 Mar 2013
  7. Guessing you guys aren't on the jade quarry? There was one CDL login there last month and it was months since that one. I dusted off the account, man was a pain to get it going again account maintenance and security still a nightmare.

    Added you guys, Dracowolf.5179. Don't have many free nights most of the week but can get in some time to join yall.
  8. I have all my characters on Henge of Denravi....4 of them level 21 and up
  9. Cool, I'll guest then. I have one level twenty ranger.
  10. Ok..cool...I can get my thief and you can kite while I decimate :) or I can get my guardian and take a beating while you lay waste to them...either way :)
  11. I have a 22 warrior, updating my client at work now should guest over in an hr or two.
  12. Cool...I am going out tonight after work...should be home in time to get some game time in hopefully. If not you guys go ahead and I will either catch mine up or pull out a different character if needed. Not sure if you guys were wanting to start new ones or not...just let me know.
  13. Might as well start a new one myself
  14. I am thinking of doing a mesmer or elementalist. See you in world
  15. I am laying low this week, another game who must not be named was all like "you betta be redeeming those 7 free days by April 2, sucka, or you ain't gonna be seeing them again, plebian!"
  16. Rane

    Rane DragonWolf

    Anyone still playing this?
  17. I do from time to time...but nothing regular. Spending most of my time in never winter now.
  18. Still playing a few hours a week. Gotta level gotta level!

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