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Hello Kitty....not for kids anymore!!

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Ground Chuk, 14 Jan 2008.

  1. symen

    symen DragonWolf

    This is more my style. :p

    The drummer in my band is always trying to talk me into getting one...
  2. See Jen? Hello Kitty is at Bad Ass status.

  3. Om

    Om DragonWolf

    put the rifle in the kitty's hands.
  4. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    sky is a delicate flower - you can tell.
  5. Om

    Om DragonWolf

  6. Outstanding :). I also read that in Japan that they are coming out with Hello Kitty Clothing Line for Men as well.
  7. Ground Chuk

    Ground Chuk BANNED

    That's nice, but, egad!! it's a Squier!! American made Fender...the way to go!!
  8. symen

    symen DragonWolf

    Yeah, Squiers generally suck, though in the unlikely event that you manage to find one with a straight neck, it'll be a great guitar.

    Don't worry, though, I'm thinking that my next guitar will be either a '57 or '62 reissue Strat, the real thing. :D
  9. You know guys, I don't want to appear like I've been living under a rock....but wtf is a hello kitty?!
  10. symen

    symen DragonWolf

    Don't worry, I'm not sure either. All I know is that it's a stylized drawing of a cat. I first saw one about 20-25 years ago, though I don't remember the context.

    I often appear as though I live under a rock. Frankly, I've never once encountered anything particularly interesting by investigating whatever is in context when I appear that way, so I don't think this is a problem.

    Although, I did turn on the television on Sunday during that big baseball game or whatever it was. Granted, it was just to see Tom Petty, but I've never bothered with anything like that before.
  11. We all have our attention focused on something. My attention was never on japanese animation. I find pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh to be retarded little cartoons.
    Though the new teen titans animation is very good.
    Sports? Always had a huge interest in sports. Mostly from a survival standpoint :)
    I had (still have) a big mouth when I was a kid. Spent a lot of time running. Served me well later on in life. Kept me in shape lol.
  12. Ground Chuk

    Ground Chuk BANNED

    I don't know the history of Hello Kitty, but it IS cute! And chicks seem to like it for their "undergarments".

    Hello Kitty!!!!

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