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Hit Miss on TS3

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Manitou, 31 Jan 2014.

  1. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

    Hey Dragon Wolves! I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I am not avoiding being on TS3. I don't have my man-cave right now so I am reduced to gaming in a living room full of noise and traffic. Out of respect for all of you, and comms discipline, I have avoided logging on lately. I do get on occasionally, but the evenings are more challenging.

    I love chatting it up with anyone who happens to be on when I am on, but please know I am not avoiding anyone! (Well, maybe I am avoiding Frothy. ;) )
  2. We all avoid frothy so all is normal
  3. It's only natural...

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