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In remembrance of Marsman

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Hamma, 30 Sep 2013.

By Hamma on 30 Sep 2013 at 04:07
  1. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I write this post in remembrance of a former long time member, and Honorary Charter of the Dragon Wolves.

    Mark "Marsman" Marston passed away early this morning after his health took a turn for the worst. He served this team for over 10 years through multiple games and divisions. He served as our first Tactical Assets Officer providing us with the tools we needed to be successful as a team.

    But most importantly he was a friend who was loyal to this team, this family for many years.

    As Marsman said many times before "You can bury me in my snows" a reference to our teams famous snow skins from Tribes.

    Rest in Peace Marsman.
    8/12/1959 - 9/30/2013
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Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Hamma, 30 Sep 2013.

    1. Manitou
      Thanks Hamma. This is a good memorial. We bury Marsman in his "snows" because he would have it no other way.

      My heart is sad because I know I am going to miss this good friend. But I would ask that we see in Mars' death a reminder of the valuable things we have in life. That we heal from past wounds either self-inflicted or the wounds caused by those close to us. Life is so precious; too precious to waste.

      Marsman once told me when we were going through a particularly rough patch in team competition and I wanted to hang it all up: "Mani, you can't quit. I won't let you quit. You are not allowed to quit!" Marsman loved gaming, and he loved gaming with his friends. I will miss him.

      Honor, valor, and victory my dear friend. Your service to me as the admin of the CDL in the past, to the Officers' Corps of the CDL, and to this team will never be forgotten.
    2. GraniteRok
      It is difficult to put into words how one feels at moments such as this. For myself, I reflect upon the time spent with Marsman in our various forays in gaming over the years.

      While I never had an opportunity to play during the Tribes days, I remember well the days of Planetside, World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online. Marsman always played the support classes. Always. As an Officer of the Dragonwolves, Marsman... played the support class... and this was greatly welcomed.

      Marsman had been deeply involved with Planetside Universe and the Auraxsis Global Network, an online show that Hamma and Marsman would do regarding the original Planetside game. His distinctive "radio" voice will be missed. When he came online, there was no question on who this was to those that knew him and due to AGN and PSU, that would be to many people.

      Farewell Mark "Marsman" Marston. Your legacy with the CDL and to myself in friendship will not be forgotten.
    3. Sentrosi
      My thoughts are now with CrawlingKane as he makes arrangements and deals with the loss of his father.
    4. ShadowSpawn
      Salute to a Fallen Friend. He was always level headed and a great guy. CrawlingCane our Prayers are with you and the family.
    5. Black Drop
      Black Drop
      Marsman was a good friend, and a great person to have at your side on the virtual battlefield.

      That voice, the patience, and the wisdom. He was passionate about this team and those that served on it.

      I'm so sorry for your loss CrawlingKane.
    6. waldizzo
      Goodbye friend.
    7. Jennyboo
      Fairwell Marsman it was a honor to know you may you rest in Peace. Condolences to Crawlingkane and his family on this loss. Crawlingkane is here in our home while he deals with his fathers arrangements I'm sure he will post as soon as he can.
    8. Aeternus
      Mars will be missed and my prayers will be with CK and his family.

      Honor. Valor. Victory

    9. TheBladeRoden
    10. Asp
      I'll always remember playing alongside Mars and talking on TS with him. He could have been bottom of that stats leaderboard the whole time you were playing any game, but he was always there behind you keeping you up, helping his team stay in the fight; rarely if ever complained about any of it. Time and again in WoW he'd drop what he was doing to help anyone new or anyone who needed a hand with anything in the game. My only real memories of playing LotRO were basically of Mars and Faithstrike at different times leading me around by the nose helping me catch up to everyone else. He was always around to help, and the world (virtual or otherwise) is a little more empty now without him.

      Rest in Peace Mark.
    11. DonkeySmiler
      So tragic and sad. For as long as I have been a part of CDL, he has always been in good spirits and really personified the heart of the group.
    12. NuclearMessiah
      Though I never got the opportunity to meet Marsman, it is sad to hear of his passing. I too have recently lost someone I love to cancer and I can greatly sympathize with Crawlingkane and his family, so heartfelt condolence to you and anyone whose life he touched.

      RIP Fellow Dragon Wolf
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    13. Khorneholio
      RIP Marsman. Condolences to all his friends and family.

    14. SGTHACK
      Sorry to hear this, may he rest in peace..
    15. Makersmarx
      RIP Marsman, you are in our prayers CK. God Bless
    16. Darktrooper4
      Rest in peace marsman, our prayers are with you, crawlingcane, and your family. this is very sad news

    17. Om
      Marsman and I had a bit of a falling out a long, long time ago. I was crushed. About a month ago we got back in touch and we made amends with each other. I feel so fortunate that Marsman and I had that conversation before today.

      I will miss his voice.

      Today, I was waiting for my appointment at doctor's office. I plugged my earpiece into my iphone and... I dont' know how it happened. I was just going to study some italian on babbel because I may get to go to on a trip soon and was thinking about that ... maybe I pushed some buttons without realizing or...I don't know, but right when I put my earpiece in, this song was in the middle of playing:

      I thought of Marsman right away, like he was there. <3
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    18. Sputters
      I have no words to describe how sorry I am for your loss CK.
    19. Lunar
      Sad day, I remember when I first joined CDL, Mars was one of the staple members, always there to lend a hand when you needed it. Although some of us lost touch with him, those that knew him, will miss him. Thoughts go out to CK and his family. <3

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