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In remembrance of Marsman

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Hamma, 30 Sep 2013.

By Hamma on 30 Sep 2013 at 04:07
  1. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    I write this post in remembrance of a former long time member, and Honorary Charter of the Dragon Wolves.

    Mark "Marsman" Marston passed away early this morning after his health took a turn for the worst. He served this team for over 10 years through multiple games and divisions. He served as our first Tactical Assets Officer providing us with the tools we needed to be successful as a team.

    But most importantly he was a friend who was loyal to this team, this family for many years.

    As Marsman said many times before "You can bury me in my snows" a reference to our teams famous snow skins from Tribes.

    Rest in Peace Marsman.
    8/12/1959 - 9/30/2013
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Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Hamma, 30 Sep 2013.

    1. Tbeast
      My heart hurts today for the loss of a friend , Mars was a great guy and did so much to help anyone with anything he could , in game or out...Sorry to CK for his lost and Mars's Family...Thoughts and Prayers are with everyone.

    2. Blackice
      R.I.P Marsman, It was an honor to know you and you will be missed.
    3. SilverTalon
      My condolences to CK and the rest of the family. Losing a loved one is never easy, and even if they live to be a hundred their departure will always be "too soon" for those who know them.

      I might not have known Mars very well myself as I did not have much opportunity to game with him, but I know of him and his vital role in creating this family we have here. CDL would have been a very different place without him here.

      Requiescant in honorem, valoris et victoriam

    4. Kassa
      This is very hard to even think he is gone he has been a really good friend and I had so much fun gaming with him he will be missed dearly! Praying for crawlingkane as he deals with this loss!
    5. Ouroboros
      Rest in peace, Marsman. Stay strong, CK.
    6. Indecisive
      May the one, the only Marsman "The voice" of AGN rest peace.
    7. Hamma
      There is also a thread over at PSU where he made a huge impact on the site and helped us make the community what it is today. If anyone would like to pay their respects there or read others see this link.
    8. Saieno
      It was always an honor doing AGN with Marsman and speaking with during ops. When I got to Rackspace I actually had the pleasure of meeting him and speaking with him in person. We all have our faults but I always had a lot of respect him, was shocked to hear the news this morning. Thoughts go out to his family. You'll be missed Mark.
    9. Gryphon
    10. Firez
      Marsman will be missed dearly here and at home. Prayers go out to CK and the family.
    11. WarWolf
      Goodbye Mars, rest well until we all meet again. Thoughts and prayers to CK and the rest of Marsman's family.

      I did not know you as well as many other members of the outfit or as well as I would have liked to. Glad we did get some time to game together as of late.
    12. Brokentusk
    13. springwheat
      In my interactions with Mark, he was a kind, gentle soul with a good sense of humor. We are better for having known him. Go easy brother.
    14. Hamma
      I'll be playing some really old school sound clips and a few clips from some interviews Mars and I did back during PlanetSide 1 tonight at around 7:45PM CDT on http://twitch.tv/agntv if anyone is interested, we are dedicating tonight's broadcast to his memory.

      I'll probably put them up on YouTube after.
    15. Manitou
      I might try and tune in to that. It will be tough to hear his voice, but this is nice tribute Hamma. Well done.
    16. CrawlingKane
      First off I want to apologize for leaving CDL. I know most of you understand why, but I still feel that it is necessary to say that I'm sorry. You guys are an extension of my family.

      With that being said. I am very grateful to you all for your inspiring words and everything you have said and done in the past week. You guys are truly amazing and Mark and I are very lucky to have you guys and gals.

      I do want to give a huge thank you to Hamma and Jennyboo for letting me stay at their place, that was a huge help. Hopefully Hamma didn't have a horrible day at work the next day for staying up so late. :D

      Also a huge shout out to Manitou for being a spiritual leader throughout this.

      I also want to give everyone a Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words. It has helped a lot

      Chase Macioch (CrawlingKane)
    17. Hamma
    18. WarChilde
      Sunva*****! It has been several years since I've gamed with CDL, but I do remember Marsman from way back when. I will miss his calm demeanor during the "mad minutes."

      “Praise not the day until evening has come; a woman until she is burnt; a sword until it is tried; a maiden until she is married; ice until it has been crossed; beer until it has been drunk.” —VIKING PROVERB
    19. Jennyboo
    20. SGTHACK
      Marsman RIP, see ya in the next life... :)

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