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Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 29 Jun 2017.

  1. Despite being a fairly current Halo player, today was the first I've ever heard of this project.

    Over the years, the problem with Halo has been its near-complete lack of presence on PC. Though 343 released last year the Halo 5: Forge editor; so people could have private PC matches, fundamentally, it's been a title exclusive to the Xbox platform, which has made it hard for players who don't want to purchase the console having the ability to play it. Now, however, that soon may be about to change.

    In development for several months, a small indie team has been developing Installation01 using Unity 3D. Blending a mix of multiplayer gaming from Halo 2/3, but with touches of CE and Reach as well, they plan to launch it for multiple platforms but made it primarily for PC. The majority of its content has been scratch-built by the team, or purchased from the Asset Store (thus made by other creators)... with everything made under a Creative Commons license, therefore, according to 343 and Microsoft, their lawyers have no legal grounds to terminate it as long as the developers don't make any profit!

    Whilst no beta is available yet, they do have an extensive website and lots of development articles and ViDocs, so I suggest anybody who ever wanted to get into Halo for PC should check them out:


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