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jupe is alive and working on something cool!

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by jupe, 26 Nov 2014.

  1. jupe

    jupe Shocklance Ninja DragonWolf

    Oh, I lurk around like a lurky lurker.
  2. jupe

    jupe Shocklance Ninja DragonWolf

    Okay, so, I launched my Kickstarter today for the printing costs of Strays and it's been funded within hours.

    I"m going to make a self obligatory post here in case any of you would like a colour copy of my comic. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/130505176/strays
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  3. You may also want to chat with Zeroes2Heroes, in case you want to go multi-platform or do merchandising with the comic.

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