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Lexip 3D Mouse

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 8 Feb 2018.

  1. With our interests in Destiny 2, Star Citizen and other games or demanding applications, a company has made Lexip 3D; an 8200 DPI mouse with two joysticks built into it. Whilst the two-axis thumbstick button can shift +/- 30 degrees in all directions, another two-axis gimbal in its base can control move +/- 20 degrees along the X&Y. The thumbstick and the gimbal both possess mechanical force feedback as well.

    It has a detachable USB cable for easy transport (the device isn't wireless, though this may be a stretch goal) and three reasonable lighting zones for RGB. There is also a version available for left-handed users, and full software to customise its functions with games and applications...

    Currently on Kickstarter, it plans to ship June 2018 and has already been funded by over 600% - they reached their goal in just 25 mins - with still over a month to go before the campaign ends. If you're interested in helping this project, click here.
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