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News: Origin 300 Series gets an upgrade

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 7 Jun 2019.

  1. Until 20th June, the studio is celebrating an anniversary event for the Origin 300 series. At least 15% larger with changes to the ship model, pledges also come with the ability to add special paint jobs, interior changes, and even decorations to the pilot's cabin!

    All origin ships are also available to "Free Fly" until 13th June, including the 600i, so if you've wanted to know how they fare, act now...

    Last but not least, there is a screenshot competition that also ends 13th June. 1st Place will win you 600i with LTI, 2nd Prize an M50 with LTI, and 3rd Place is the 85x with LTI. All of these prizes are the ships standalone (not a package) so, if you don't have the game yet, bear this in mind. You can also submit multiple images, but be sure these are posted directly in the thread, as hosted images elsewhere will be disqualified:


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