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PS2: Tonight 2-12 @ 7pm CST - We're gonna shoot things

Discussion in 'General Open/Public Discussion' started by Sentrosi, 12 Feb 2014.

  1. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Looking for anyone crazy enough to join us tonight. Nothing organized. Just pop in and shoot enemies.
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  2. Manitou

    Manitou Old War Horse DragonWolf

  3. GraniteRok

    GraniteRok Executive Officer Officer

    Good fights everyone! Lotta fun!
  4. Shit, I completely forgot about this last night. :( I miss playing with you guys!
  5. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    Infiltrator update went in today.

  6. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    boooo darklight.
  7. Glad to see they finally gave the flashlight attachment a real purpose instead of being a giant "shoot here" target.

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