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Razer Correspondence

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Hyncharas, 27 Mar 2018.

  1. I've created this thread because Razer's events are coming back and, rather than litter other threads with news, I think it's better if they had their own.

    Razer Marchfest
    The stupid thing is whenever they post things about events, many times it will be 2 days before they end, not when they start. This month was Marchfest, which celebrates the 1 Year Anniversary of Razer's zSilver/zGold service, where users from US, UK, CA, SG & MY can redeem raffle tickets with zSilver to earn the chance of winning prizes.

    The prizes on offer are one of the following, with the number being given away:
    * Chroma Cup Holder (4);
    * Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury Edition (2);
    * Kraken Pro Mercury Edition (2);
    * Lancehead Tournament Edition (2).

    In addition, each prize comes with the kind of swag you get from them during hardware conventions. There is also the opportunity to redeem zSilver for the Razer Thresher headset, and the Razer Nommo Chroma speaker system. It doesn't come cheap at 3,000 zSilver per ticket, but for every additional ticket you get another free.

    Simply select the one you want most, and then how many tickets you want to redeem; you still have an opportunity to win the other prizes as well. Redepmtion then sends you an email of the serial number for each ticket. There are also the usual deals on getting more zSilver when you purchase zGold during the event.

    Winners will receive confirmation 16th April 2018.
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  2. Razer have introduced their own games store today, offering many at a discount and some bundled with zSilver. As launch week, users of Razer Synapse/Cortex can enter RGSLAUNCH15 at checkout to receive a storewide 15% deduction on top of any product-based discount.

    Users buying any "Razer Exclusives" will also recieve 2x zSilver per purchase, a £10 Razerstore Voucher and a £10 Razer Hardware Voucher, under certain Terms and Conditions*. This week's exclusives are:
    • Far Cry 5
    • Wolfenstein II: The New Colussus
    • Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
    • Assassins Creed: Origins
    * Terms and Conditions
    Additional zSilver will be reflected upon checkout and automatically credited after purchase.
    Vouchers will be emailed within 24 hours to your registered Razer ID account used on Razer Game Store.
    Each voucher is for one-time use only for the specified store (Razer Game Store or Razerstore).
    No refunds or cashback will be made for any transactions below the voucher value.
    Razer Game Store discount vouchers have a 30-day expiry term and must be utilised within this period as at issuance date. Any request to reinstate expired vouchers will not be entertained.
    Razer Game Store vouchers require a 20£ minimum spend before the discount code can be applied.
    Razerstore hardware vouchers have a 30-day expiry term and must be utilised within this period as at issuance date. Any request to reinstate expired vouchers will not be entertained.
    Razerstore hardware vouchers can be used for all categories and do not require any minimum spend.
    Razerstore vouchers cannot be combined with free shipping.

    Razerstore vouchers cannot be combined with any other offers.
  3. Razer has partnered with Money Online (MOL) to upgrade their zSilver and zGold currency system, which means as of 3rd December, all RazerID users must login to upgrade their account.

    More information on this transition can be found here: https://gold.razer.com/upgrade

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