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Section 8

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games Discussion' started by Kindu, 23 Jan 2009.

  1. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer



    All is back to normal now :lol: CDL-Hamma
  2. i would agree there is some bleed over from consoles, probably most particularly related to the lock on feature.
  3. Ok here's the deal (I think) - Despite my efforts, I wasn't able to find (in writing at least) the minimum specs required . However, I believe I have determined that the game requires an NVidia series 8 or higher video to run. I have a 7600 and it fails to run after I downloaded it. My room-mate has an 8600 GTX and it runs fine on his machine. I find it difficult to believe that CPU would prevent the game from running, so my belief is my failure is from a lack of video card abilities. To that end, I will be ordering my new video card shortly. At least I have the game and key. :p

    For those who have been rejected, your FIRST answers to the survey seem to be remembered and tied to your login at fileplanet. Going back and changing your answers does nothing if you fail the first time. However, if you have an alternate email, you can register for another fileplanet free account and go for it again. Be sure to state that you have a series 8 or higher video card and I believe you should be ok. At least you can download the game and get your key. :cool:

    Be advised however, that you probably will get a fatal assertion error upon running the game involving the physics engine. If so, you're looking at a new video card but, a low end 8 series card can be picked up for around $40 so if you just want to squeek by, you can get out of it fairly cheap. :D
  4. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    Thanks Mars, I made a new fileplanet account and got in..

    Their rejection issue must be something (for me) other than a video card, because I've got an 8800 series nvidia.. I AM only running service pack 2 on XP though, and they seem to single out SP 3 from SP 1&2

    Guess we'll see how that goes..
  5. Only SP2, time to run windows update
  6. Yeah, SP3's been out for some time - must be something in that the game requires or at least prefers. Good info to know - between all of us, we'll figure out what people need to have to run this beast. Thanks for the info! :)
  7. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

  8. Asp

    Asp Administrative Officer Officer

    SP 2 doesn't seem to be the problem as I'm running it pretty cleanly right now.. a bit confusing but I'm getting the hang of it :)
  9. Sniper reporting for duty! Just tell me what you want dropped! Looking forward to trying this out with you guys as a group!
  10. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Wow. This game seriously relies upon small squad tactics. I just played three maps. If you're squad doesn't know what they're doing, or don't give a crap, then your entire team WILL lose.
  11. Oakfist

    Oakfist DragonWolf

    I am really liking this game, as others have said teamwork really counts and the multiple objectives and class support could really make this game stand out as a clan-wide gaming choice.

    Plus the system to customize your character adds more playability and adaptability in staying with one certain class and practicing with that class instead of spawning as whatever you want to at the moment.

    Another thing I like is the fact that it isnt an insta-gib session, run around, die and respawn. I could actually last a while and get objectives completed if I so wished and then regen my health and continue on, not having to worry about being one-shot by a twitch fiend. The jetpacks and spring feature are cool as well and add a whole nother element of play.

    TLDR Version:
    So far this game is looking promising.
  12. They've re-released the site now with a new trailer and a bunch of news screens/wallpapers.

    Shops say it will be out the last week of August to retail - it looks as though that we won't be getting a beta, or if so it will only last a month.
  13. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Haven't been able to log into the game since last patch. Done everything they've said to do and I still can't play the game. Have a thread about it on their beta forums but have not seen or heard any sort of work around for it.
  14. The lock-on is kind of funny. It's always fun to run into enemies, they lock-on, I use the sensor blocker and watch as they flail around missing every shot. People get used to it and fail to hit anything when they can't lock-on.

    Oh, best close quarter combo I find would be every armor boosting upgrade and a machine gun. Machine guns bypass shield starting at medium-close range.

    The game is definitely more strategic than shooter.

    Sent, if your issue is the game starting up and closing right away, it's a videocard driver problem. My roommate had the same thing happen and it was fine after he updated.
  15. Hamma

    Hamma Commanding Officer Officer

    onoes an Ouro siting!
  16. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    I'll have to look into that Ouro. Noticed that ATI released another update. I'll have to look into that come Monday night.

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