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Star Citizen Division Charter

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Public Discussion' started by Sentrosi, 19 Nov 2013.

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  1. Sentrosi

    Sentrosi Protocol Officer Officer

    Star Citizen Division Charter

    Name within game: DragonWolves Incorporated
    Type of Organization: Corporation
    Corporate Tag: DWI
    Corporate Alignment: UEE

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Sentrosi
    Chief Operations Officer (COO): Scrub


    We are DragonWolves Incorporated.

    We are an up and coming corporation with offices, contacts, and resources all across the known galaxy. Our primary goals are to continue our growth and expansion into new markets bringing with us the experience and tenacity that has brought us so far already. We expect great things in the future and with your help DragonWolves Incorporated will become a household name throughout the ‘verse.

    First we would like to introduce our department heads and their primary roles and responsibilities within their departments. This will give you a taste of what we are looking for.

    Public Affairs
    Chief of Public Affairs (CPA)
    - [Currently Open]
    • Recruiting new and experienced pilots
    • Managing our social media presence
    • Promoting our corporation
    Corporate Security -Black Talon Tactical Services
    Chief Security Officer (CSO)
    - Asp
    • Corporate Fleet Security
    • Expedition Fleet Security
    • Gov't and Independent Mission Running
    • For Hire Industrial Convoy Security
    • Authorized Bounty Hunting Services
    • Also specializing in Boarding Actions and Ground Based Assault Missions
    Exploration & Logistics
    Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) - [Currently Open]

    • Exploration
    • Surveying uncharted systems
    • Convoy Management
    • Route planning
    • Hauling
    Manufacturing & Salvage - DragonWolves Corps of Engineers
    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
    - [Currently Open]
    • Factory and Production Management
    • Salvage Recovery
    • Mining Operations
    • Resource Management
    • Market Acquisitions and Sales
    • Planetary Development
    Each of the above divisions have their own goals but are dependent upon the other divisions as well. Only by working together can we fulfill our goals within Star Citizen.
    "Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek

    If you believe you may have found a home with the DragonWolves, click the link to begin your application. http://www.dragonwolves.com/forums/recruitment.php
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